2 Weely Interior Designer Moment-Smith Boyd Interiors

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This week’s Weekly Interior Designer Moment goes to Interior Designer Michael Boyd from Smiths Boyd Interiors.  I ain’t usually lost for words/ this has got to be a first and I’m trying to find the reason why I’m Stu-Stu-Stu- Stuttering. Something funny’s happening I’m at a place I’ve never been and there’s got to be a reason why I’m Stu-Stu-Stuttering. Okay Excuse me if I’m sounding crazy, Let me explain why I’m acting this way. Well this week I had the pleasure of researching an interior designer name Michel Boyd and I was amazed at what I researched and most of all inspired of his amazing designs which had me acting all crazy you know Stu-Stu-Stuttering and all. Okay give me just a minute just to settle down for a moment. In all truth this has been so fun and overall inspiring for me and I hope it will be for you too. Michael Boyd first interest was in architecture but he soon realized his love for fashion, textile and furniture which led him to pursue a career in interior design.  What I’ve learned about Boyd and like so much about him is that he takes his clients lifestyle and standard of living to heart. "The net result is a one of a kind home that is a true reflection of who you are and most importantly supports and enhances your lifestyle” says Boyd. What I see from Michael Boyd is he is speaking the language of the client and satisfying their needs.  You may remember in an early post on celebrity life I feature the home of Marlo Hampton from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and this is where I were first made known of Mr. Michael Boyd; Marlo’s Condo was so beautiful that I had to take notice of who styled it so lovely.  Well it turns out that Michael Boyd has styled a lot more than Marlo’s home but many others residential and commercial properties. Check out the lovely styled homes Michel Boyd designed below.


I love a lot about this designer and I hope his designs inspired you as much as it has me.

Michael Boyd said he builds rooms like wardrobes because it attributes it to how his clients live. Now that’s something I can definitely relate to. I believe strongly that our wardrobe influence the way we decorate our homes and how we live. I believe this so much I dedicate a section of my blog to it, Friday’s Runway Decorate puts a runway model side by side an interior designed room together, in turn it shows how the runway influence interior design.
If you will like to take notice of more Michael Boyd's designs check out his website at  Smith Boyd interiors

Did you enjoy this week's Weekly Interiors Designer moment- Smith Boyd Interiors?
Would you use any of these ideas in your home?
Which of Michael designs you like most?
Let us know in the comment below!!!

– I love Jazmine Sullivan, I had to cop some of her stutter verses.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool style. I love that grey sofa, tufted headboard and light fixtures. -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy, I think my favorite is the tufted headboard, the kitchen and all his beautiful lighting. Thanks for your comment

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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