0 Real Estate Snitch Wednesday's-Michael Jordan

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan has put his Highland Park long time family home on the market, but don’t expect to get a deal on this one. His Highland Park home is on the Market for a whopping price of $29 million dollars, making it the highest priced home ever listed in the Chicago Real Estate Market.
This is the house Michael lived in when he was with his then wife Juanita Jordan before their divorce in 2006 since then Juanita Jordan has bought a newly built mansion in the Chicago River North district for $4.7 million; it’s been reported to have 23 rooms in the mansion I guess the number 23 isn’t all that bad ha Juanita?  Micheal's 56,000 square feet Mansion includes nine bedrooms, 15 full baths, and four half baths and five fireplaces spread between a main house and a connected guesthouse. The property also includes an indoor-outdoor entertaining and pool area, an outdoor tennis court, a putting green, a deep water pond and three climate-controlled garages that hold 15 cars. Wow that was a mouth full, how grand is that. Check out this amazing home of the all time superstar basket ball players Michael Jordan’s home.

This view right here, is worth $29 million. WOW
If this is the outside! What do the inside look like? Amazing
Exterior front of the house- Very Contemporary
Love the 23. "I think this is what I expected from Michael Jordan's home"
Living Room- Very grand
Contemporary at its best
If I didn't see this in Michael Jordan's house I wouldn't believed it was actually his. I know the builder had to dig very deep to get High ceilings like these. Who wouldn't love to have a basketball court like this in their home?

What did you think of Micheal Jordan's $29 million dollar listing?
Is it worth it?
If money allowed and you were interested in the Chicago real estate market would you consider buying MJ'S home?
Let me know what you think in your comments below!!!

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0 Real Estate Snitch Wednesday's - Oprah's Penthouse

When you’re a celebrity, buying a house on the low is essential and sometimes necessary because we all know they’ll have people like me snitching all over the place about their celebrity digs. Such is the case with the scoop on this NY Penthouse of Oprah’s, I mean Gayle’s ha I don’t know but here’s how the deal went down In 2008, it was reported that Oprah Winfrey’s Best Friend Gayle bought a 3 bedroom,3/5 bath apartment in the new midtown tower Place 57.  As it turns out it was reported that the purchase weren’t actually Gayle’s that indeed the penthouse was bought by no other than Ms Oprah Winfrey herself for the healthy price of 7.1 million dollars. Now the facts isn’t clear on who actually lived in the house but all I have to say, “if I paid 7.1 mil for a penthouse” guess who will be living there, you guessed it!!! “ME”Enough said!! Check out Oprah's Penthouse for sale below.....

How do you like Oprah's Penthouse?
If money allowed would your purchase this home for yourself?
Let me know in your comment below!!

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0 Colorful Living Rooms

Lots of people are afraid of bold and colorful living spaces but what do you do when a beautiful room is among you and it’s very colorful? Do you embrace it, shun it, or love it? Well I choose the latter I love it because when you see rooms that you can’t do anything but respect, you have to embrace it. Check out these very colorful living rooms below.....

How about this lovely room, isn't it beautiful? It has all the right color combinations that make this room works. Check out all the pattern but yet it all works. I love it....
I absolutely love the rug. Its beautiful!!!

I love this room because its colorful in the reverse, the green sofa stands out with color but the white walls are so subtle but yet allow the sofa to stand out and claim its colorfulness.
Here we go again with the white walls but still burst of color with the orange sofa and touches of orange sprinkled around the room. It goes to show that you don't have to paint your walls a bold color to make your room colorful.
This room I love!! I love the dark walls and the pops of color throughout, the orange coffee table makes a statement along with the cute blue and green lamp. I love this colorful living room.

Do you think you can ever live in a room as colorful as these?
Will you use any of these ideas in your living room?
Let us know in your comment below!!!

House beautiful and unknown sources

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2 Home Office for women

A lot of women are working from home and sometimes it’s not as easy as we will like it. That is the reason why home office for women is a very good topic to discuss. Are you a woman who works from home and needs a space to call your own? I know how hard it can be trying to find the right space just for you but at the same time being mindful of the rest of your family? As women we sometimes put everything first and ourselves last, that’s just in our nature. We have to take care of our family right? Sure we do, but there are some things we can do to put ourselves first without taking our family for granted, like decorating a room just for us.  So the question is, how do we make our space just for us? Here are a few home offices for women from around the web that speaks to me and I'm sure most women who are looking for that special home office or craft room, these will speak to you also.
This is a beautiful craft room for any special lady who loves crafts. Couldn't you see yourself working in this beautiful room? Everything is so organize and neat. I love it

Love the Craft table just lovely
This a space that is carved out for a lady who just need a space of her own. How cute and simple. Look at the table that's being used as a desk how clever is that and she can lay a lot on that table with out the clutter. So ladies you don't need a normal desk.
This is a space being used for a makeup table but can easily be used for a place to do work w/ a laptop and a phone your ready to work.
A space in the middle of the room just for her how cute

How about this home office with all the pops of red isn't it gorgeous? I love it

This room is so cool with all the white back round and all the pops of red throughout how cool is that?

Ladies are you compelled  or inspired to find a space to make your own in your home?
Would you use any of these ideas for your home office or craft rooms?
Which room did you like most?
Let us know in your comment below!

Better Homes and Garden and other unknown sources

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0 Bunk It Out for Young Boys Bedrooms

Bunk It Out for Young Boys Bedrooms are fun and hip for the little men in our lives. Earlier I wrote a post on fun young boys bedrooms ideas. I was thinking what is more fun then bunking it out in a Young boys bedroom? As a kid I always thought that a bunk bed was fun and get this I'm a girl!! :) No really boys will love bunk beds because they can clime and play like little boys like to do. Check out these fun bunk beds for young boys bedrooms...

Did you enjoy bunking it out in young boys bedrooms?
Which bedroom did you like most?
Would you use any of these ideas in your young sons bedroom?
Let us know in your comments below!!! 

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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