4 10 Beautiful Girls Dorm Rooms Roundups

I’ve been thinking about dorms a lot lately because I know it’s about that time of year when all of you moms are thinking about getting an early start to helping your teensters get ready for their new year in college. I don’t know about you but, whenever I venture into something new I need a little direction heck a lot of direction along the way, so I thought what better way can I help moms and college students find their way in this new venture of how to dress and style your dorm rooms. I have roundup 10 beautiful dorm rooms for girls that will have you saying; (Ready for college)
#1I love this dorm room because it's so practical it fits a desk and the shelving are to die for furthermore it does helps that the color of the room looks so serene and relaxing.

The shelves can be used for books and accessories. I love the storage boxes another place to store your things.
#2 How about this (3 twin beds in one room. I think a collaboration with a roomie this can be done.

#4 Bunk beds are practical in a dorm room as long as it stylish!
#8This is an idea for style for college dorm rooms
Beautiful desk next to the bed.
#9Stylish twin beds in a girls dorm room is the right way to go, how nice is the stylish room?
Always find space for workspace.
You can even coordinate your bathroom accessories.
#10 I love, this room. This is classic
symmetry (this is what you call great balance,scale, proportion and evenness,) I love it!

How nice is it to fit a sofa (futon) in the room too?
Two chairs covered with fabric with each girls initials on them. Cool!
Wow and a television
#11I love this idea; this is what you call a sleeping loft, cool right?
I love the two twin beds and check out the simple headboards
bathroom with desk in it. Talk about making good use of space.
love the yellow vanity/desk

Moms and students I hope this has been some fun inspiration for dorm rooms. I am a mother but my daughter is nowhere near the age for college but I know my turn will come soon. Seeming as though my daughter 10th year birthday has just past on April 23rd and it hit me how fast time flies. I remember just holding her in my arms and now she's ten yrs old, (oh how fast they grow) the time flew by and it have me thinking how 8yrs from now I’ll be that parent taking my beautiful daughter to college and helping her decorate her dorm room space but in the meantime I’m not there yet but it doesn’t mean I can't help give you a road map to a stylish dorm room for your daughter. Finally I hope you have enjoyed this post on 10 beautiful girls Dorm rooms, Oh by the way (have you notice it was 11 rooms)sorry I told a little lie but 10 just sounds better. In addition I have two small tips for you before I let you go!

Tip1: If your dorm room has closet be sure to consider making the most of the space like using them as a workspace. Like this space below!
Cool right! The back wall is lined in wallpaper and a shelf for pencils and all things work related. Remember you can also use cork board and cover it with fabric and you'd have a cool back wall to pin stuff on right!

Tip2: If you have young siblings you want to make sure to always consider how they may feel when big sister or big brother go off to college. Getting them involve can help them cope like making pictures for their sisters dorm room. Big sister can make them feel good by hanging their art work as decorations check out this cute idea below
How cute; Best art wall ever, combination of framed and cut out pieces!  this can be art from baby brother or sister  right? This display was done By Paige of Simple Thoughts in House of Fifty Mag

So What You Think?

Are you ready to decorate a dorm room?
Are any of these ideas helpful?
Please let me know in your comments below!
For more inspiration for stylish dorm rooms check out a previous post

Let me know if these ideas are useful, and if there are other decorating ideas you'd like to read more about. Let’s make this official and please follow my blog for contentious updates
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0 Friday's Runway Decorate-Pajama's

Hello beautiful friends, T.G.I.F wow we made it through another whole work week and now its Friday and you know what time it is. It's time for Friday's Runways Decorate ("one of my favorite parts of the blog"). Hey have you notice celebrities wearing pajamas in public lately? Like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and more. Since this is such a big thing in Hollywood (celebrities wearing PJ’s on the red carpet and all). I had to make way for it on Runway Decorate and keep my peeps in the loop too. I figure that will be my inspiration for this week’s Runway Decorate and I found some cool rooms that could be inspired by wearing your P.J’s. Check them out.

Check out fashionista Viviana Volpicella wearing Prada. She seems to be enjoying herself with the beautiful silk flower pattern pajamas street wear. Works well with the sun glasses lend a sense of authenticity and seriousness.……….. Check out this lovely room interior. I'd tell you, it looks just like the fashionista as if the living room stepped right out of bed and into its PJ’s. like our runway fashionista. (The walls are all wallpapered up) in almost the same beautiful silk flower pattern that Viviana Volpicella is wearing. I love this match.
Check out our fashionista Sofia Coppola, Looks like she loves the easy just-get-out-of bed look. Sofia is definitely rocking that navy silk pajama suit From Louis Vuitton 2012 cruise collection. You know a true fashionista when they look good and never trendy…………Now if our fasionista looks good you know our home interior room looks just as good check out how laid-back this beautiful room looks, this room is laid back but very upbeat in beauty. I think this room can handle the runway anytime. (Great match)
Model wearing pajamas is all matched up with the sofa! Cool!! 

Celebrities taking to the red-carpet in their PJ's Pop Star Rihanna and Actress Jessica Alba

More Celebrities taking to the streets and the red-carpet in their PJ's Christopher Walken and Cynthia Nixon the Sex and The City star

What do you think? 

Can you walk the streets in your pajamas?

Is this a trend you like or rather not see ?

Let me know in your comments below!!

Let me know if these ideas are useful, and if there are other decorating ideas you'd like to read more about. Let’s make this official and please follow my blog for contentious updates
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3 Just The Place For Ladies Night!!!!

Girls, y'all got one A night that's special everywhere From New York to Hollywood It's ladies night and girls the feeling's good And the feeling's right Oh yes it's ladies night Oh what a night (oh what a night).

Ladies do you remember those Lyrics from Kool & The Gang (Ladies Night)? I think I was only five at the time but anyhow I can still remember the song as a young girl.

You can fulfill all your dreams Party here, party there, everywhere this is your night! 

Ready to get your party on but not sure where to go?
Are you searching your city to find the place to be! Now what if you were a laid-back type of lady who weren’t into the party life anymore but just love hanging out with the girls here and there? (“I hear you”). Have a family and love being around them but every now and then you has to have a ladies night? Have you ever thought about creating a room in your home just for you or should I say you and the ladies here and there? I know I'd thought about it so I thought it would be fun to find some cool rooms just for the ladies or as Kool & The Gang put it( Kool places just for ladies night). Here are some pretty cool rooms that can be just for that every now and then occasion for the ladies. Come on ladies lets party!!

This is a pretty looking retro room

Yea ladies how about this? Guy isn't the only-ones who can have fun. How cool is that pink pool-table?

Be ready to get your game on
Look at the circle rugs in the pink in green. How cute!
I love this room
Party on ladies

"This is a party room I love" Can be for teen girls also

Take the party out to the rooftop

Let's go swim in the pink lighted pool!


  Wow what a part!

So are you ready to create a room just for you and share it with your girls here and there?
Which room did you like most?
Would you use any of these ideas for your lady room?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Talk to you soon until next time

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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