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Hello my friends, Renovation Crash is in full affect assuming the weather stays beautiful and nice. Should I say "Yea for dry land" and hoping for more good weather coming soon because as a basic rule digging should happen in good weather conditions. Well my friends digging the footers can finally move forward. Let's all do the dry happy dance the footer for the addition is about to move ahead. Check out all the progress that has been made since last week

Digging the footers...finally!
Footing ready for inspection...soon a foundation :)

Footings for the addition! Yea !!!! Nice!

Footings for the addition!

Finally, the addition foundation is going up...

The finished foundation. Eric is keeping his fingers crossed on the inspection.

We’ll my dear friends it will be LOTS of action next week--assuming the weather holds up. I feel like this is my house and I’m getting ready to move in. How are you feeling? Are you guys feeling excited yet? Stay tuned Framing the addition should start next week. Until next  Renovation Crash!

Shinay Key
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month

Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
ELLE DECOR January/February 2012



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