1 Friday's Runway Decorate-Week 13 Purple and Turquoise

Welcome to our Friday’s Runway Decorate Fashion Show! We have a real treat for you today! In just a few moments you will get a chance to see our models displaying some of the hottest fashions in the color blue and purple in a very spring like fashion. This show isn't all about good looking runway models though. We are going to be looking at some amazing home interiors as well all inspired by our lovely runway models.
So please get comfortable, and take note because you don't want to miss a moment of our upcoming presentation. Friday’s Runway Decorate Week 13- Purple and Turquoise
 Now without further ado check out our Friday’s Runway Decorate show.

Checking out our first model she is looking very spring like in this turquoise shorts with black outlining also the purple white and turquoise jacket bring this spring look all together. Can you get any more spring like than that?__________ Now let’s check our room interior, doesn’t looks like it just walked right off the runway model into this beautiful room? I don’t know about you but I can see how this imitate inspiration runway model.

Our next model is wearing a sexy spring dress with long sleeves for them somewhat springtime cool days but nonetheless she is wearing the beautiful colors of turquoise and purple perfectly. And have you notice how she owns the runway? __________. Now let’s check out her twin in the interior design world! Check out this lovely well decorated living room. Don’t you just love the prints on the wall? Aren’t they just to die for!! And what about the Turquoise lamp base! So cute. I think what strikes me most of all about this room is how much it looks like our runway model. I love how the walls are white which allows everything else to pop. Check out the purple chair not a lot but just enough color to make this room burst with beauty.

Our next springtime model is a real beauty; doesn’t she look hip and comfortable? She looks very spring like with a twist. She is bringing the white pants on to the scene; now let’s view the landscape of her look. How nice is it when you can wear a dress topper over them white pants? Pretty cool right! ___________. Now let’s view the scene of the beautiful interior space all done up in the looks of the runway model. This room is decked out in the turquoise, purple and a little bit of mulberry color that’s in the chair. Did you see the pops of yellow that made into this room? Friends I think we have a winner this room is amazing and all around marvelous.

And now I'd like to thank you for sitting through our runway decorate show week 13. I truly hope you enjoyed it, I know I have and most of all I really appreciate the purple and turquoise combo even more so.

Did you enjoy this week’s runway decorate purple and turquoise?

Would you ever decorate your room modeling a runway model?

Which runway decorate runway model/room interior combo did you like most?

Let me know in your comments below!!

Thanks and please have a wonderful weekend.

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2 Real Estate Snitch Wednesday's-Lil Wayne

Rap star Lil Wayne born with the name Dwayne Carter is looking to sell his enormous Louisiana residence, which currently has a price tag of $1.7 million. The home is located at 408 Rue De La Riviere is on sale for $1.7 million. The house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two half baths and a "stunning, roomy open floor plan." The snitch has learned that the Rapper has been cited for high grass and weeds at his 10,000 sqft mansion The Code Enforcement Department issued the ticket to Dwayne Carter somewhere around Feb. 26 to March 2, according to a list released by the city. Now I hope you clear this up Mr Carter but in the mean time the rapper looks as though he interested in getting his Mansion sold.  Check out Lil Wayne’s Mansion all dressed up in chrome just like his teeth.

What do you think of Lil Wayne Mansion?
Would you purchase this home if money allowed?
What if anything would you do different is his home?
Let me know in you comment below!!!


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2 Real Estate Snitch Wednesday's-Local Orchard Park, NY

Today the snitch is snitching locally and I think I’ve found my dream home right in the neck of my own woods. This home is located at Private listed for $1.990.000.
The town of Orchard Park, NY is a wonderful place to live. Communities are close to schools, shopping, freeway access, gyms, medical facilities, coffee houses and grocery stores.  This is a place you can lay down your roots especially in this home at Private location I can see Families and kids of all ages that will love to live here. If it sounds like I’m rooting for the home team that would be true. Speaking of home team Orchard Park NY is where our great team the Buffalo Bills plays at Ralph Wilson Stadium, so if you’re looking for a great team to root for I believe you found the place. You would look long and hard to find a fan who doesn’t love the Buffalo Bills. With that being said the Buffalo Bills aren’t the only thing Orchard Park has to offer. It’s a city with small city charm, mom and pop small businesses that are deep rooted and people who care about their community and you wouldn’t find a lovelier place to live. Check out this beautiful elegant, stylish and pleasing to the eye all stone mansion that has workmanship, with arch Details that one might have found in another era . This home is Exquisite in every way. This home is superb. Check out why this is what I call amazing local flavor.
Wow!! Look at this grand entryway it’s just to die for the stairs I'll just take step by step!!! I love this Entry and stairway I can see myself walking down them and felling "Grand"
I love the dome in the ceiling and the Apron Sink is to die for. I don't think there is one thing I don't like about this kitchen.
Now this is my absolute favorite about this home. This is a library that I can stay in all day. I am not crazy about the furniture but I don't even see it because this room is that beautiful. I love it WOW!!!
I just shake my head um, What can I say!!!
The mill work in this room is off the hook. Check out the spiral still stairs to go to the top of the library.
Oh my!! I cant say enough but I don't know what to say..... I love it.
I have to say this is one of my favorite parts of this house. I mean this room has so much flavor!! I can’t take it!!!  What a very well-designed room!! The flavor is all so tasty.

OK!! I'm loving this so much that I just have stop for a minute and just look................. OK I'm back Wow this is amazing. I mean who wouldn’t want to read a good book here hmmm No One “look at the mill-work on the railing and the exquisiteness of the wood” Wait did you see the lights on the railings? I think this staircase gives the Titanic a run for its money. OK I haven't mentioned the ceiling with the detailed molding this is truly wonderful I’m sold. I just need a few million, anyone !!!

Are you checking out this Amazing kitchen with the Island table, simply beautiful? 

This room is so beautiful and its not even the master bedroom
Love,Love,Love!!! This is amazing.
Two sinks
Guest room with a fireplace
Is this hallway beautiful or what?
One of the small bathrooms
Well we know where the hangout spot is at. Look at the wood molding on the ceiling. Cant argue with elegance!!!

Wow even the piano is living better than me!!! Not fair.

Ready to work it out?
4 car garage and look at the cobblestone driveway
This is another entrance to the house and that bridge is where the beautiful hallway is.
A gated pool. I think this house has it all.

This home is for sale for a modest price of  $1,990,000 and the appraisal value is at $2,210,000 therefore you can own a mansion at below assessed value. 

Agent remarks:  in every way from grounds to the most infinite detail in every rm. Limestone, marble & cherry hdwd flrs are found thruout. Exquisite millwk will take your breath away. No expense was spared & this home must be seen to appreciate the thought & care that was put thruout. Luxurious 1st flr mstr ste incls huge walk-in closets fitted by CA. closets. Same is true thruout. Master bath compliments this incredible space. 2 laundry rms. Prequal. buyers only.

Thank you for checking out Real estate snitch- local Orchard Park NY this home is truly flavorful and if you think so too leave me a buzz and tell me what you think about this beautiful home in local neck of the woods.

Do you think this home is worth its asking price?
If money allowed would you purchase this home  for its asking price?
Which room did you like most?
let me know in you comment below!!!

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month

Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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