1 Friday's Runway Decorate-Week 13 Purple and Turquoise

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Welcome to our Friday’s Runway Decorate Fashion Show! We have a real treat for you today! In just a few moments you will get a chance to see our models displaying some of the hottest fashions in the color blue and purple in a very spring like fashion. This show isn't all about good looking runway models though. We are going to be looking at some amazing home interiors as well all inspired by our lovely runway models.
So please get comfortable, and take note because you don't want to miss a moment of our upcoming presentation. Friday’s Runway Decorate Week 13- Purple and Turquoise
 Now without further ado check out our Friday’s Runway Decorate show.

Checking out our first model she is looking very spring like in this turquoise shorts with black outlining also the purple white and turquoise jacket bring this spring look all together. Can you get any more spring like than that?__________ Now let’s check our room interior, doesn’t looks like it just walked right off the runway model into this beautiful room? I don’t know about you but I can see how this imitate inspiration runway model.

Our next model is wearing a sexy spring dress with long sleeves for them somewhat springtime cool days but nonetheless she is wearing the beautiful colors of turquoise and purple perfectly. And have you notice how she owns the runway? __________. Now let’s check out her twin in the interior design world! Check out this lovely well decorated living room. Don’t you just love the prints on the wall? Aren’t they just to die for!! And what about the Turquoise lamp base! So cute. I think what strikes me most of all about this room is how much it looks like our runway model. I love how the walls are white which allows everything else to pop. Check out the purple chair not a lot but just enough color to make this room burst with beauty.

Our next springtime model is a real beauty; doesn’t she look hip and comfortable? She looks very spring like with a twist. She is bringing the white pants on to the scene; now let’s view the landscape of her look. How nice is it when you can wear a dress topper over them white pants? Pretty cool right! ___________. Now let’s view the scene of the beautiful interior space all done up in the looks of the runway model. This room is decked out in the turquoise, purple and a little bit of mulberry color that’s in the chair. Did you see the pops of yellow that made into this room? Friends I think we have a winner this room is amazing and all around marvelous.

And now I'd like to thank you for sitting through our runway decorate show week 13. I truly hope you enjoyed it, I know I have and most of all I really appreciate the purple and turquoise combo even more so.

Did you enjoy this week’s runway decorate purple and turquoise?

Would you ever decorate your room modeling a runway model?

Which runway decorate runway model/room interior combo did you like most?

Let me know in your comments below!!

Thanks and please have a wonderful weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for gorgeous, rich color! -Kristy

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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