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Don’t forget to add those small details that can make a big difference. From wall art to area rugs and everything in between the right home d├ęcor will help you make each room a sanctuary. Friends I like to tell clients that the finishing touches is what makes the room. At any rate make sure not to overdo it in other words use balance as your guide. Here are an example moodboard e-design I put together that demonstrate how a room will look without the finishing touches.

Here is all the furniture and accessories that this dining room will uses in it. Pretty nice right!  Dining table, tufted bench, tufted accent chairs, and a blue bench- Finishing touches lamps chandelier and mirrors for the walls

How cute is this room with all the beautiful wallpaper and hardwood floors? We have furniture but no finishing touches. It looks OK but it’s screaming for a little more don’t you agree? Check out the result of a room with the finishing touches below.
So here we have a room with all the trimmings. Although it looked good before you can agree that the finishing touches makes it feel just a little more cozier can you agree?

Thanks friends for your contentious support. I hope this was inspirational for you. Tell me what you think! Does the finishing touches make a difference let me know in your comments below. Until next time..

Shinay Key
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3 China Cabinets Making a Come Back

Hey friends guess what I think is making its way back into the dining room? Hmmm could it be the china cabinets? Well if you are one who don’t follow trends but are very traditional this is one of the times it served you best. If you never removed your china cabinet from your dining room then maybe you’re in luck because the china cabinets are moving back in and there making a statement to all the ones who chose to move them out. The statement is you should have left me because I’mmmm baaack! Well I happen to be one of the ones who chose to do without the china cabinet and part because the space wouldn't allow it but also there were so many opportunities to put art into the room and wall hangings. Well without further ado here are some pretty spiffy dining rooms with the use of china cabinets.

Even in the transitional room you can sport a beautiful china cabinet and still look hip. Isn’t the cabinet in this room amazing?

What a beautiful dining room styled in the lovely turquoise and lined with an amazing china cabinet that intact the whole wall with beautiful china that we can look at year round. Who would love this beautiful china cabinet in there dining room?

Did we forget what the china cabinet allows us to do? I love how you can store your adorable dishes in a lit glass cabinet and showcase porcelain dinnerware while offering the heirloom-quality styling we all desires.

I Love the traditional dining room and the zebra print rug is lovely!
This room don't present a china cabinet but with all the above shelf storage it might as well be.
How about built-in china cabinets?

No matter what style of dining room a china cabinet fits in.
It doesn't have to be a tall cabinet a short one will do and you can still put large accessories on top.


What you think friends! Do you think it’s about time we invite the China Cabinet back into our dining rooms again?  Talk to me and let me know your opinion in your comments below!!
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month

Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
ELLE DECOR January/February 2012



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