0 904 Williamson Project- Siding, Brackets, Windows and doors

WOW my friends while we were away a lot has gotten done on Renovation Crash the 904 Williamson Project. Siding, trim and brackets going up. Windows and doors mostly installed and we weren’t there for it all but here are a few photos to keep you updated. This house is looking bona fide first-class!!  see for yourself.
Siding, trim and brackets going up.

These are the Brackets there going to be 26 of them! All 26 of them he’s making from scratch and as you can see they appear to weigh a ton...Eric said quite possibly the most complicated exterior element he’s ever included in any of his houses. Getting the angle right almost drove him nutty...Anyhow in the end it will all be worth the nutty heck these brackets play an important role, they will be holding up the overhangs and all the beautiful personality its going to bring to the exterior of this house.

More brackets! Eric and his friend worked hard on them

Hey you guy didn’t get the chance to see the first window go in! Here it i.
First new window. Lots to go...

Here is some progress as you can see all the windows and doors are in and check out the brackets looking good.

Siding is all done--- This house is looking great! I love the sliding doors off the upstairs porches. Wow!

Hey friends wasn't this a nice treat? A lot has been done now it's time for  stone, paint and roofing and the outside will be ready for some beautiful landscaping. So what do you think about the progress thus far? Let me know in your comments below!


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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month

Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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