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How many of us have dreams of hitting the lottery so we could buy the house with the huge beautiful closets and then fill it? Closets that people could live in and even put furniture into. I can hear it now Too feminine, way too much, who needs this much space dedicated to clothing anyways? That is something my husband may say but all I can say is “Mama Want”! Friends With all my clothes and shoes a dream closet is exactly what I need! I’m thinking a few of you could agree with me or maybe all of you do but until I can afford such a dream I thought it would be fitting to share with you some inspiration dream closet we all can enjoy.

Closet closet-envy
OMG.Black & white dressing room
Walk-in closet with shower inside -

Sexy dressing ROOM -
Shoe closet of my dreams! source
Wouldn't be nice to put furniture in a closet? pinterest
Pure Love!

Love it!
Who said its all about the ladies! Men will love this closet including my husband!

 Well my dear friends I hope these dreamy closet gave you some inspiration to tackle a dream closet of your own some day. Until the next time please enjoy the rest of your day and leave me a comment of your thoughts of this post below.
Shinay Key
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month

Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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