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Hello!!! Thanks for visiting my blog or should I say our blog, at least that's what I'm hoping!!! See when I created this blog I had an idea and the idea was how to share myself with others. But there were just one little problem or should I say a huge problem!!! I knew that I wasn't that interesting, so I thought hey how about I share my passion with ones who share the same passion as me, that's when KeyInterior by Shinay Blog was born.  I became a member on blogger in 2008 but didn't have the guts to push the publish button until 2011 that's when I told myself to just do it and so I did.

Here's the deal I am quite passionate about family, interior design, Real estate, fashion and sharing my ideas with others, if that's what you’re in to I think we've found a common ground. Clearly, then it looks like we have something we can share together. Besides that I'm going on 20 yrs of marriage with my husband Mark on August 22nd of 2012. We have a beautiful daughter Mariah who is our pride and joy, it literally taken us 9 yrs of marriage to have her, so needless to say we were ecstatic when she came into our lives furthermore I am so happy about being a wife and mom. Finally I live in Buffalo NY (and I’m more than eager to prove that there is more to Buffalo than just snow and great chicken wings) although,” I must say the Wings are just that darn good”. So here is a little more about me below.....

 This is me smiling for the camera
 I'm always working.... Sike!!!

 My Baby( Mariah) My heart

My husband  Mark and daughter Mariah- Looks like I'm behind the camera but at least I am in the room.. I guess we have to take some family pic's
I guess I just like this pic!!!
 This was my daughters first puppy (Rojo) the color red in Spanish!!! This is what she named her but the name Rojo sounds more like a boy to me!!! But Mariah has spoken, she said that Rojo was a girl puppy... So girl she is. Needless to say Rojo has been in our family since Mariah was a baby, it was actually a baby-shower gift. I remember when Rojo  was so soft and fluffy 'but not anymore' oh she even had a nose then . I guess she had a lot of love from our family.  True story, we still love her as if she was a real pup.So as you can see Rojo has a permanent place in our lives.

 So then came Lilly!!! I know she doesn't look real but that's how little she was when she joined our family, in fact she was smaller than that, she was so little I thought she looked like a hamster, no just kidding but she was a tiny little thing.
 OK!! "Lilly just eat that treat before it eats you". Lilly didn't know what to do with that big treat, it was bigger than her but nonetheless what a cute pic!!
Lilly sitting under the table
OK!!! We know Mariah, you still love Rojo and we love her too but because of Rojo we allowed Lilly into our hearts and life. Thanks Rojo for getting us prepared for the real thing. Oh we wont allow Lilly to play with you because stuff animals are yummy to her. :)
Here I am with  my favorite peeps My sister on the end in the gray my sister-in-law Dawn in the middle but unfortunately my cousin Minika, Cousin Che,Che and Kristina didn't make the pic. But they know I love them too. 
 OK I was able to find one of Me and Kris woo so happy about that because I wouldn't be able to live it down...

Hey Minika I couldn't leave you out!!! This is my cousin but she seems more like my best friend I love this girl, we can talk about anything and we can argue and still love and respect each other at the end of the day.
 OK! I don’t have a picture of my cousin Che, Che because we just don’t see enough of each other so I'm on a quest to get one from her. Che, Che I wanted you to know although we don’t see enough of each other I love you and it’s nice that we have the opportunity to talk on the phone here and there so love you girl!!! I wouldn’t dream of leaving you out of the picture.No matter how far were still very close!!

Well this is just some things about me... stick around a little longer and get to know the women behind the name Key Interiors by Shinay and I'm sure you wont be disappointed but I'd let you be the judge.

Ready to know me.. Let's meet!!! Comment, share some ideas or heck e-mail me... "I'm ready" Are you?

My favorite Quote
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.   "Eleanor Roosevelt"


Featured: Design Magazine of The Month

Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
ELLE DECOR January/February 2012



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