4 9 questions you should ask yourself before making an offer on a home

Hello friends, a few weeks ago I wrote a post on Buying a home-The first steps and in that post we covered a lot of what to do in the early stages of buying your first home things like Deciding to buy, What questions to ask yourself first, who to call first, who to call next, what role will your real estate agent play and finally we went shopping and we discovered just what style home we liked. With all that being said isn’t it only fitting we ask ourselves a few questions before we make the next very important step?
9 questions you should ask yourself before making an offer on a home:
Questions to ask yourself
1.       What do I want my home to be close to?
2.       How much space do I need and why?
3.       Which is more critical: location or size?
4.       Would I be interested in a fixer-upper?
5.       How important is home value appreciation?
6.       Is neighborhood stability a priority?
7.       Would I be interested in a condo?
8.       Would I be interested in new home construction?
9.       What features and amenities do I want? Which do I really need?
Friends these are all interesting question that need considering let’s break a few down!
What do I want my home to be close to? 

Schools, highways, malls, parks, shopping, restaurants or maybe close to where you work.  Do you have kids who is about to start school or teen kids who needs to go to the local high school or do you need to be near a bus or train route? All are good questions to ask yourself.

How much space do I need and why?
Do you need a lot of space or not so much? Sometimes we find that our wants doesn’t meet our needs or sometimes we have to choose between the two however we can sometimes jive them both but that may require more dollars out of your pocket. This is when what is priority comes into play.

Which is more critical: location or size?
Now here is a doozey: which is more critical? Do you want the big house no matter what it causes you as long as it’s big and roomy or do the 3 critical in real estate means more to you: Location, location, location? This is a question you may want to consider strongly!

Would I be interested in a fixer-upper?

Now I really love this question because I love me a fixer-upper but it’s just not for everyone: This is a good question because sometimes you can really find a bargain or should I say a diamond in the rough if you’re open to it. Really this is something you should consider if your finances don’t allow you to purchase a house with all the trimmings. Now what does that mean? It simply means you can buy a fixer-upper and do to it what you please and buy it for less. Now of course you want to make certain it makes sense and more important dollar cents too. I know! We just said you can get a bargain and that is true but sometimes a fixer- upper could be a money pit so make sure your doing the right thing. 

How important is home value appreciation?
Friends it’s been a while from the time when I was in the real estate business but I know that this question is still on the top of most home buyers list. How important is value? I personally would say it makes common sense even dollar cents to be conscious of it for it will structure the future of the selling of your home someday. I know we all buy a home and fall and love with it and we’re going to live there for the rest of our lives: Well that is most of our intentions but in all reality things happens beyond our control which will cause us to make changes and sometimes it means selling our homes. So how important is home value appreciation? I don’t know about you but for me its take priority and I hope it will for you as well.
Would I be interested in new home construction? 

This question is often a topic of discussion for some homebuyers because sometimes you know that a new home don’t come with all the problems maybe an existing home comes with. New construction can provide you with the confidence of less house work. Most people like the idea of being the first to ever live in that home and that can be something special to a new homeowner as well but is new construction always the best way to go? Some love the charm of an existing home and all the amazing hard work of the days of old craftsmanship. “They just don’t make it like that anymore” That alone makes an existing home all the more appealing. But for me I’m a fan of both but my preference is existing home for all the above reasons but as a homebuyer make sure to weigh your decision close to your heart and you will make the best decision for you and your family.
What features and amenities do I want? Which do I really need?
I know, I know you will love to have a pool and live near a golf course but are these most important things you need to consider in purchasing a particular home? Now I’m not mad at you if you do because sometimes this is what’s most important to a home buyer. All homebuyer aren’t created equal because everyone has different needs but if we can all agree on one thing is that all of us has to prioritize our needs. The questions you should ask yourself are what are most important to me to live in this house or neighborhood? Now am I saying to settle no to the contrary? Most will find if they prioritize they will end up with whats needed and even get some of their wants on the list. 

Friends I hope this real estate tips has been informational and helped inspire you to get out with confidence and purchase your new home. 

Let me know what you think in your comments below!
Shinay Key

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0 Friday's Runway Decorate- Men Style

Hello friends, happy Friday "I know were all happy it’s the weekend baby". Now we all know what happens around here on Friday's right! Yup you guessed it Runway decorate. Well last week runway decorate was pretty different because I did the decorate part and it was so fun and because it was so fun I thought how about I do another one this week. Now I can assure you friends this is not how every week is going to be but I wanted to share this cool runway decorate e-design I did with you. Trust me it wouldn’t be fitting if I’ve done this and not share with my peeps so check out this cool runway man model and see if I achieved runway decorate success.
We have this fine male model not walking the runway but showing the way of how to rock a cool to the bone outfit yes check out this cool plaid gray blazer and the sharp contrast of the orange shirt is showing this blazer at its best but if the orange shirt wasn’t enough he’s rocking a white shirt under his cool orange shirt and rockin a nice black tie. Now if this isn’t style at its best I’m not sure what is.
Now check out this cool room stealing this male model vibe. Don’t you just love the plaid gray wallpaper with little orange stripes going through it? Well friends I must admit the orange stripes weren’t part of this wallpaper design but yours truly thought a orange stripe embellishment would be just what the doctor ordered but besides that check out the beautiful sofa , orange leather chair mimicking the orange shirt, and the curtains what can I say designed by me. How about the cool statues aren’t they divine? Well friends this is runway decorate at its best I hope you could agree.
I think a bachelor would love to live in this room heck a girl wouldn’t mind either.

Product mood board

Thanks friends for checking out this weeks Friday's Runway Decorate its been fun I hope you enjoyed my version of the male room runway decorate. Do you want to runway decorate your room? Runway Decorate E-design is coming soon to a mailbox near you hint,hint.

So what do you think?
Please let me know in your comment below!

Happy Friday
Shinay Key

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4 Unifying Patterns

This past week I was pandering over what kind of design I think is the most challenging and that’s when working with different patterns popped in my head. Who of us struggles with how to make the patterns we love work together in a room? Well I raise my hand because even as a season designer it’s challenging to bring patterns together. That’s why in this post I decided to take a closer look at pattern. I round up some pretty cool rooms using pattern as it design backdrop and I even done one myself check out these cool room decorated in patterns done right.
I love this room because the designer chooses the right since of patterns and it doesn’t look like it’s too much. Mixing patterns of various sizes helps set the style of this beautiful bedroom. The wallpaper pattern is a dark contrast to the light window covering pattern and the stripe rug is a bold but complimenting pattern to ground the room. I absolutely love this room.

Pattern walls, sofa and window covering

Check out the bold patterns in this room!

Look how well all the patterns work in this room.

Pretty retro right! Here are a few patterns I put together for you. If you were to design a room with these patterns it would be pops and subtleness’ of pattern mix together. I put the solid in to com the eye just a little
I Love this one as well! This is not too bad on the eyes.
Wow this is wild! Normally what you would do is take the pattern you are most attracted to and then choose two more that work with it. Three patterns provide plenty of variety sometimes more than three can be overwhelming but I chose four because as long as the two large patterns don't compete with attention there won’t be a problem and sometimes using them in different parts of the room helps also

This is what I cooked up for you in 3d design. Now I would definitely do this is someone’s house because it’s not to disturbing to the eye at least not to me others may think differently. I mostly used color to unify the patterns. This is another way to make pattern work in your room. What do you think is this too much pattern or just right? Here is what I used below
Here are the different patterns I used. They all seems to work. Large and small scale working together.

Here is what to remember when using pattern in your design.
Tie them together. Take your one pattern inspiration and then choose two more that work with it.
Use color to unify the patterns. Pattern with a light background will open up the room; ones with dark background makes it more intimate so all you have to do is figure out what feeling and mood you like. 
Vary them. Choose a variety of styles and use pattern that are different in scale.

Friends I hope this was helpful and inspiring thanks for stopping by and checking out my little old blog I hope I'm giving you something to think about in the design world or should I say my world. Please let me know in your comment below what you think of this post and most of all if you are inspired by my blog. 
Thanks again 
Shinay Key
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2 How to Spot Furniture Quality - Dressers

Hello friends, have you ever been out shopping for furniture and wanted to know just how to determine the quality of a certain furniture piece? Well by now many of you know I worked for a furniture company before but what you may not know is I learned a whole lot about the quality of furniture and I thought how fitting will it be if I could help you when you’re out looking for quality in your furniture purchase.
What quality means to me is excellence, value, superiority, and worth so if you add all those things up you get a high ticket purchase but for these high quality furniture pieces ones may expect to pay for it. 

Now there are multitudes of ways that furniture can be built better or cheaper and every manufacture has their own way of doing what they do. It would be impossible to detail all of them. The objective here is to give a comprehensive outline of those features of construction and materials which are commonly found in better grades of furniture.

Shopping for a dresser! How to find a quality one?
The finish should be smooth and satisfying to the touch. If stain or varnish is employed in the finish, it should be applied evenly and to a uniform thickness. For design and decoration reasons, most of the structural details of furniture are hidden. Most of the details and construction features of well-made furniture as you may be aware of can’t be seen and almost none of the benefits are visible.
Now friends when you’re out at the furniture store and the salesperson comes up to you and ask you what you’re looking for and you tell him/her you’re looking for a quality dressers, the salespersons or person should be aware of such quality and not just a pleasing to the eye structure dresser but he/she should be able to show you the unseen hidden under the beauty benefits. Now I talked about how the finish should look and feel but before all of that the dresser had to be made and put together right? 
Here is what you should be looking for in a high quality dresser- Dovetail Joints
What is a dovetail joint? Dovetails have traditionally been considered a benchmark for quality drawer construction. Its purpose is to stabilize drawer fronts so that years of use won’t loosen them. Here is what a dovetail looks like.
Dovetail Joints

Double groove and loose tongue joint-tongue and groove

The two comes together and this is what you get
Now as I mentioned earlier you won’t be able to see any of these benefits just by looking at the dresser or opening the drawer, this is when you tell the salesperson or interior designer who’s shopping with you to pull the drawers out and then you can see if that particular drawer has a dovetail joint. 
You may also want to ask the store salespersons if the piece was made with solid hardwood throughout or are there some veneers that are present and if so it doesn’t mean you don’t have a quality piece it’s just a method that was used.

Now friends if cost is in issue and a quality piece aren’t as important, there are cheaper options such as particle board.  Particleboard is cheaper than, not as strong as your hardwoods but it’s substituted for them when looks and strength are less important than cost.
So friends the next time you’re looking for a quality dresser at your local furniture store remember to have the salesperson pull out the drawer and look for dovetail joints.
What do you think?
Are you looking for a well structured dresser?
What matters most to you; strength or appearance?
Let me know in your comment below!
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6 Window Styling

Hello Friends, “happy Monday I hope you had a beautiful weekend” Friends are you ready to dress those windows? I am asked on a regular basis how to style my windows? And trust me it’s a good question because dressing or styling a window requires a careful plan.
First you start with an overview of style possibilities’ and then think about color and design. Functional matters too like privacy and light control are important. Some windows are easy to handle while others are a real challenge. But for each there is variety of pleasing and practical choices to choose from. Friends are you ready to check out some cool window covering in different style for your window woes? Today were going to focus on two problem style windows, picture window and bay windows without further ado lets get to it.

Picture Windows-Picture window- is used in a combination with sliding or a casement window, picture windows (also called fixed glass windows) let in plenty of light and frames the view.
I love this example above with of a picture window because along with the panels it exposed wood grain blinds and natural woven shades as well. Beautiful!
Wow what a beautiful window who would want to cover it? I love how this large picture window is framed so beautifully with the long pleated draperies so to show off the beauty of this window. Just lovely!
How beautiful another framed picture window.
This window could easily be a patio door and it shows how framing the window with the panels shows off the elegance of the window.

Bay Windows- Bay or bow window- a bay is a recessed window angled sections; a bow has window sets and gentle curve. If the view is great and privacy isn’t an issue this is a window you can very well leave uncovered. But if that is not an option here are some examples below.
The example above gives you an idea how to dress a bay window. The example above also show a clever idea of a window seat that can be something else you can do with the space. Also
This is so cute I just love the window seat and the panels are short enough not to touch the seat. This is a perfect window to just use toppers also if you didn't want to cover the view.
Side Pleat Valance in Bay Window- this is an example of not really covering the window see the great view but the option is still there to put draperies on the outsides of the bay window.
I love how this bay window shows the draperies and the beautiful shades.
I love how this bay window is just being framed by beautiful draperies. Nice!

Friends thank you for sticking around and checking out some window styling solutions. I hope these tips gave you an insight on styling your problem windows. 
What do you think?
Is styling a picture window easier? Doesn’t framing them make lots of sense?
How about the bay windows? Are you more confident on how to style them?
Let me know in your comment below!
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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