40 Vintage Style Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

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Finding new ideas for a teen girls room is always fun but to go back to a whole different era is one that is exciting and rewarding. Vintage style takes you back to a whole other period that allows you to experience style of the 1920s to the 1960s which is today called retro style, while there are numerous of different terms of the word vintage; this style is
all the rage in teen girl’s bedrooms. You will find this style to be era, time and classic? Check out these amazing "vintage style teen girls bedroom ideas" below and tell me you’re not inspired by such style!!
"I love the beautiful colors of this room”, the turquoise and the white backdrop of the room makes this room so fresh, serene and tranquil.
WOW!! "This room is so cute" its retro vintage styling profiling. I love it
“I love the vintage bed with the pretty green”, it’s gorgeous
Beautiful purple and turquoise bedroom - source
This is a true vintage style Teen Girls bedroom, check out the old time Easter shoes by the bed isn't that just a cute touch to the style. What away to take us back!
How cute, love the mid-century chair
I love the sleekness of the vintage style bed
Love all the old age patterns on the bed, the windows and the walls. What true vintage style
Love the rug- I'm inspired!!
So Pretty!! I'm in love
I want this bed- Love it
What a nice teen girls Vintage style bedroom- Beautiful!!
"I love everything about this Vintage Teen Girls Bedroom" its so old and new and the same time, look at the bed if that's not retro vintage I don't know what is..
True vintage style teen girls bedroom
 What teen girl wouldn't love this beautiful room? This room makes the girl green with envy!!

Retro style in a teen girl’s bedroom can be both reflective and totally today. How about you?

What do you think, is vintage style for teen girls room all the rage?

Will you try your hand at vintage style in your teen girls room?

Which Vintage style teen room was your favorite?

Leave your comments below!!
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RosellettRed said...

Love the pictures!!!! Could I use some of them on my blog? I would include a link to yours.

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@RosellettRedHello Rosellettered Thanks for stopping by. Yes feel free to link back to me no problem.

RosellettRed said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog. :) I hope you like my posts!

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

No problem, in fact I truly did like your post and I will be watching closely to see more.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas for a lavender and baby blue bedroom for a 12 year old girl who's into makeup and fashion?

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hi Anonymous, I wish I knew your name and then I can call you by it but anyhow thanks for your comment. Lavender and baby blue bedroom sounds absolutely beautiful together and for a 12 year old no less is all the more beautiful. First taking her age in to consideration I would make sure to give her more of a teen room because if we know anything about kids they don’t stay youngersters forever. Furthermore I would maybe bring in one of the color on to the wall and built around it with some of her favorite things and if you’re going vintage don’t forget to use some things that are period pieces like old dresser or nightstands, throw pillows with perhaps some writing on them and you can’t forget a makeup table of some kind. Whatever you do just make certain your daughter is happy with it and you can’t go wrong.
P.S. come back soon I will be doing an e-design with vintage charm style and blue, lavender and green colors for a teen girls rooms and I think it can really help you in your decorating decision for your 12 year old.

Anonymous said...


Love these! Any idea where I can find the floral bedspread and pillows you feature in the first photo? Just so pretty!

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hello Anonymous, I wish I knew where to find the bedspread unfortunately I do not but I will make an effort to find out for you so please continue to follow my blog to get the answer. Thanks again for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Considering I am a teenager, I'd say these rooms are really awesome! I would totally decorate my room like one of those pictures

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rooms! This is right on time for me because I have a tween who is in the process of re-doing her room. So many great ideas. You rock! -Kristy

Leanne said...

I too would love to know the source for the bedding in the first photo!

Anonymous said...

I really like the vintage style bedding with the owls, branches and birds on (bedroom 35) I was just wondering where you got this from as i am considering a similar style for my daughters bedroom thank you very much

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you had any more ideas for a red an cream style vintage room, thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your help

Alexandra Cowart said...

could you please tell me where to get the first comforter on the first picture

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I have 5 daughters and I am trying to redecorate their bedrooms, since they are all growing! Can I contact you for consulting work?? Thank you!

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@AnonymousThanks for stopping by on my blog. Sorry for the long delay of reaching out but of course you can consult with me I'll appreciate it just go to the contact page in put in your contacting info and what you want consulting on and I'll get back to you on how that can be done.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! You know that I am obsessed with the first room is my favorite. I love the gorgeous light, all of the vibrant colors, the textures. There were tons of things that appealed to me in these images. Now, to only get off my lazy butt and make some of them happen. It always seems like there is never enough time in the day...but these photo's make me want to find the time. Thanks lady!


vie silencieuse said...

I think posting so many pictures, they should have references. either to where you found them or the items in the pics.

Anonymous said...

OMG im in love with the 39th phone I just love it where can I get the bed frame?

The Fitted Bedroom Centre said...

Great ideas here thank you for sharing. Here at The Fitted Bedroom Centre we love to design dream bedrooms and would love to learn of your readers' own inspirations too.

Anonymous said...

I'm seventeen and have always been very much into the vintage design ideas. Right now, I'm just in the process of collecting all the pieces from different antique shops and puzzling them together when I can (Isn't that the best part?!). Love these pictures!! The bedframes are beautiful. I was captured by this sort of thing when I bought my very first type-writer a few years ago, and that's what I use as my own inspiration.

I'm not much for pink, but I also love the cat in the picture with the heart bedspread as well!

Olya Olegovna said...

Pretty interesting post! Thanks it was interesting.

Pergolas Perth said...

Your blog is best source to take creative home decorating ideas. I have decorated my room by following the Vintage theme. I love it. I feel comfort in my room. I think it Vintage theme is best for teenage girls because It reflects the choice of teenagers.

Catherine Chant said...

Hi have you got any ideas for a 15 year old bedroom it's all ready light blue but she once it's vintage style! Any ideas?!

malik aayan said...

Beautiful rooms, Lots of inspiration.Great job. cheap beds with mattress sale

wnukconstruction said...

Interior design is the designing and organization of a space's interiors in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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Miranda said...

My teenage daughter is into Victorian Era. She wants to do her room like that. We have gotten a very very old bed with the four very tall posts. I believe there may have been a canopy at one time. We still have so much to do though. Any ideas?

Adam Smith said...

wow lovely. i am really impressed by your work. nice thoughts you have mentioned.
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Kitchen World - The Interior Experts said...

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Kitchen World - The Interior Experts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duck Egg said...

Its Brilliant idea for interior designing.Vintage interiors is so good.

bedroom design ideas said...

Love these pictures! I am fortunate to have a vintage style interior in my bedroom that I got at the age of sixteen. I approached an online vendor to suggest me the best room interior for a teenage girl and vendor came up with lush pink vintage theme for my room.

Home Interior Design said...

Hi,. Shinay Key,. it's great share of vintage bedroom,. I also sometimes write about bedroom ideas on my blog. so, thanks for this inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I like the colors and ideas! The beds and couches are cute too! Cool ideas!!!!

Aygun Ab said...

Wow! I like such elegant, tender and a bit femenine design of bedrooms! Maybe it is vintage, but I guess it looks also very modern! Many such interesting ideas I saw on bedroom.homedecorpics. org! I guess such ideas can help a lot of people!

Anonymous said...

Would you recommend a creme or pink tint for a vintage white room for a 13 year old girl?

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@AnonymousI would love to see a pic of the room but at this point I'm thinking cream for her age and that way the color can grow with her. Thanks so much for your comment.

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@AnonymousI would love to see a pic of the room but at this point I'm thinking cream for her age and that way the color can grow with her. Thanks so much for your comment.

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

These are all so gorgeous! I would have killed for any of these as a kid!

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