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Good morning once again my friends, I'm going all in with the storage this week on the blog but I'm only doing so because I know storage is so important to us all. Today I wanted to talk about some very clever storage ideas. Storage in places where some of us doesn’t often think there is any. Have you ever considered putting storage under your stairs? Well I think under the stairs is a very clever place to do some amazing things for storage or just finding more space in your home. Check these amazing under stair storage ideas.

This is one of my favorite ideas because this is where you can find storage when you think there isn’t any. This is what it’s all about my friends. Creating more space and under the stairs couldn’t be more creative than an office or extra place to sit and sleep. Who knew that there office would be under the stair?

Check this one out somewhere to sit and hang coats nice and it’s not built in but the lines were followed.

Now isn’t this clever? Finding a place for your bikes under the stairs is so clever and you don't have to hide them with built in there easily assessable this way.

Love, Love, Love this idea. Drawers for everything who couldn't use more drawers?

Now this is my all time favorite! A bathroom under the stairs is not only clever but a selling point if your house was on the market

How cute! Doggie spot under the stairs! Now your dog can have a place called home under the stairs. Just beautiful!

I love this idea because it gives one more place to sit and read a book. I can see curling up and reading a good book with my coffee in hand.

Wow a whole library under the stairs! Now you have storage for all your books

Now the kids have an extra spot to put toys and hang their book bags.

Lots of good storage here and you can sit as well wow! This looks like a wraparound storage space (side and back).
Office space!

Shoe home and you can sit while you try them on. Wow so clever...

Well my friends, I hope you enjoyed this post on under stairs storage because I sure have.  What did you like most about the under stairs storage and will you use any of the ideas from this post? Let me know in your comment below. Until then

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month

Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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