4 Room Wars-Monochromatic vs Colored textured pattern

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Hello my dear friends it’s been a while since we had some fun with room wars so I thought today would be a fun chance to do it and I hope you’re up to it as well. Here’s the deal we have two beautiful living rooms both with lots of texture and pattern but one is very colorful and the other is very monochromatic for that reason this war is Room Wars-Monochromatic vs. Colored textured pattern so let’s get with it.

Which room do you prefer more colored textured pattern or to Monochromatic textured pattern living room?

Layered rugs, textured pattern pillows, and big art what a beauty. I love all the color and texture this living room is giving off how about you will this be your choice? Hmm its WAR and you can only choose one.

I love all the subtleness of this living room and all the grays, browns and textured striped rug along with some lovely painted barnyard doors I mean you can’t get any better than this beautiful living room hmm what will be your choice? Remember this is WAR you can only choose one “now let’s do it”
You Choose! Vote for your favorite textured pattern living room below

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Anonymous said...

You know me...I'm normally a color girl, however, in this battle, to me the winner is the monochromatic room. I love the subtleness of it. That painted barn door is amazing, love the striped just flows so nicely. -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hey Kristy thanks for your vote and I have to agree. The Monochromatic room is everything you said and that is why I like it as well. While I love the colored room my vote goes to Monochromatic.

Abhimanyu singh said...

Patterns can define the mood of a room as effectively as color. Like color, they require careful application. To avoid being overly repetitive, alternate rows with tile of a slightly varied pattern and tone.
Interior design in lucknow

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@Abhimanyu singh
Well said Abhimanyu Singh-Patterns can define the mood of a room as effectively as color you are so right as we can see in room two. Thanks for your comment and now I'm going to visit your page.

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