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Do you ever wish you can have more space in your house and the space would adapt to fit your lifestyle changes but instead you find your space more cramped than ever? It doesn’t fit your furniture and it’s not quite the house of your dreams.  Do you sometimes wish you can sometime wave a magic wand or snap your fingers and wiggle your nose to a better space that fits you and your family? We'll my friends like a magician you can often fool the eye into thinking that your space is larger, no matter what it's actual size. The trick is to do it with knowledge, elegance and grand style.

How to begin?
Normally when I’m dealing with a cramped space I begin with the simple part: basically a room is a big box or a small box of space surrounded by walls, a floor and ceiling. There’s at least one door and usually a window in that room. therefore some of the space is broken up and it give space relief from the boxed in feeling. But in all,this is normally not enough to do the trick. The room still feels uncomfortable and too small and we all know the size and shape we can’t do anything to change, it will always be that shape and that size. 

            Friends if you should find yourself in this awkward situation, it’s time to pull out a fooling the eye space-expanding trick or two and transform the room. So without further ado this post will let you in on the secret of decorating while tricking the eye.

Using Mirrors

Full-size floor mirrors now reflects the entire length of the living room and eliminates and stuffiness. Also I love how the full-size mirror is placed on the floor and resting on the wall its beautiful don’t you think? Photo source

A mirror can be making a dramatic statement of architectural detail. This full-size mirror is demanding presidents in this room and therefore allowing double the beauty. Photo Source

 Hanging mirror in a windowless bathroom!

Place a mirror across from a window — and you get another window!

Use mirrors as windows if you don’t have a window in a room!
If you don't have a window give the illusion of one with mirrors and you have yourself the reflection you always wanted in a room.

Mirrored back-splash really open up the kitchen
For a small kitchen using mirror back splash helps expands the space and also brings in light from a window.

Beautiful reflections!

Create height in your kitchen with ceiling height cabinets

I love how the height of these cabinets brings an elevation of loftiness to this kitchen space. This is what you call maximizing the space and stature of this kitchen. Love it!

Where there is no width to a room you must design up to get the space that’s needed for storage and organization. I love this kitchen because it does it well. This kitchen now gets the  size and distance across or should I say up it needs and again maximizing the space. Photo Source

I love the light inside the top cabinet bringing the attention to the height of the cabinets.

Well friends wouldn't you say that the illusion of space is the next best thing to having it? I hope when you think of the lack of space or the feeling of stuffiness in your room you will think of some of these tricks that helps fools the eye.

Mirrors- Can reflect the entire length of a room and eliminate the claustrophobic feeling a small room can perceive. Not only do mirrors expand a space, but they're timeless. One more thing about mirrors make sure when there reflecting something make sure it’s something worth reflecting because no one wants to see an ugly thing twice.

Height- Can give you a feeling of stature. Remember when your mom will tell you to stand up tall and hold your head up high? Well when a room is lacking space and width it has to stand tall and take its cabinets or space “UP” therefore giving the illusion of more space or in this case you can gain more space and storage. So remember to always stand tall in small rooms.
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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