0 Real Estate Snitch Wednesday's - Oprah's Penthouse

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When you’re a celebrity, buying a house on the low is essential and sometimes necessary because we all know they’ll have people like me snitching all over the place about their celebrity digs. Such is the case with the scoop on this NY Penthouse of Oprah’s, I mean Gayle’s ha I don’t know but here’s how the deal went down In 2008, it was reported that Oprah Winfrey’s Best Friend Gayle bought a 3 bedroom,3/5 bath apartment in the new midtown tower Place 57.  As it turns out it was reported that the purchase weren’t actually Gayle’s that indeed the penthouse was bought by no other than Ms Oprah Winfrey herself for the healthy price of 7.1 million dollars. Now the facts isn’t clear on who actually lived in the house but all I have to say, “if I paid 7.1 mil for a penthouse” guess who will be living there, you guessed it!!! “ME”Enough said!! Check out Oprah's Penthouse for sale below.....

How do you like Oprah's Penthouse?
If money allowed would your purchase this home for yourself?
Let me know in your comment below!!

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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