4 Celebrity Life-Atlanta Housewife Marlo Hampton

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Were all intrigued by the celebrity life at some point in our lives, we love to see how the stars are living and we just love to see there homes. Today we are going to view the newest Housewife of Atlanta Marlo Hampton. I'm not sure if we can call Marlo a celebrity but she sure is living like one. The rumor is Marlo unfortunately didn't make the cut to be the next housewife of Atalanta. an Atlanta-based gossip news site which originally broke the news of Hampton’s arrival,  said the unmarried Hampton was merely being tested as a possible cast member but did not make the cut. The site speculates that Hampton will be a recurring character on the show. Although she flew to South Africa with the gang her row hasn't been secured. Why Marlo didn't make the cut is anybody's guess at this point? since Marlo was cut from being an official "Housewives" cast member, she's going all out with a bang, I take it Marlo is thinking she wont allow anyone to forget her. Check out Marlo beautiful Condo designed by Atlanta base Interior Designer Michael Boyd. 
What a beauty! I love her living room it strikes all the right balance. The chandelier is my favorite sooo nice
Are you noticing how beautiful all the unique lighting her designer uses? Beautiful!!
Check out the two Queen beds in one room, oh and check out the chandelier. WOW!!
We know she love shoes
Glimpse of her bathroom
Love it!!!
What do you think about this celebrity life Marlo Hampton?
Can we call Marlo a celebrity if technically she's cut from the show?
What do you think of the job Marlo's Interior Designer Michael Boyd has done to her condo?
Let us know in your comment below!!!

If you like Marlo's Interior designer Michael Boyd come back next Monday for Weekly Interior designer moment when we features Mr Boyd.

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Anonymous said...

She may be a bit much at times..but her home isn't. I really like the blue & brown room. I love ceiling, the mixture of colors and texture. Great chandelier, love the rustic branch too. I also like the chairs in the dining room, very interesting bedroom and all of the other lighting fixtures. Nicely done... -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Kristy I have to agree with you about her being a bit much, we also agree that her home is beautiful, Oh, I also love the branch too its very rustic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whose the maker of the sofa

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