2 Masculine Living rooms

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Decorating for a man can involves creating a space that is masculine and bachelorism, most men like to prove how manly they are so a lot of times most men will lean more to the dark side of the color wheel. Pinks and pastels are normally out of the question, as a designer I can respect that but what happens when there is a woman in that mix. How do you create a space for him and also keep her happy? I think I solved the problem, check out these amazing masculine living rooms that are made for a man but will make every woman happy.

What do you think, will these living rooms make a woman happy or are they to manly?
Would you use any of these ideas in your home?
Which room did you like most?
Tell us in your comment below!!!

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Anonymous said...

Not too manly at all. I really like the rooms with the charcoal grey and orange. I also love that brown leather chair and chandelier in the room with the horses. Thanks for sharing! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks for commenting Kristy! I too love the room with the horses and the really dark walls,
Its so rich and warm. I think as a women I would have no problem living in that room .

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