3 Friday's Runway Decorate- Week 10 African Style

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Friday's runway decorate is back in effect and where bringing some African style to the forefront. The focus of this week runway decorate is to celebrate African fashion and d├ęcor check out this week’s decorated rooms represented by African runway style.

Here we have the beautiful model all dressed in animal print ,who is sporting a great outfit long and slender looking fearless and sharp: Check out the matching home office interior wearing animal print on the floor. I don't think you can ever be out of style in a room that mimics great African style throughout. I love how the mid century style is paired with beautiful African style

This model isn't walking the runway but she sure is posing the mountain tops with her elegant African style elegance. I love the orange, purple and pink deep colors the model is wearing and her lovely up do hair style embraces her beauty. Now check out the lovely African interiors that mimics the lovely model doesn’t this room looks like it walked right off the runway? I love it!! This room is working it…

Our next model is representing African style to the fullest. Doesn't she look hip and comfortable? Can you get any more African than that? Now if you think the lovely runway model is representing African heritage, check out this amazing bedroom that makes you feel as if you’re in Africa. Look how the room matches the model. The pillows, table and art on the wall is a great match for the runway decorate African event. How about the animal print chairs and the two art pieces over the bed I think make the room scream African Elegance.

Did you enjoy Friday's Runway Decorate African Style? I hope so because I sure have.
Which room did you like most?
Would you try decorating with your clothing as your inspiration?
Let me know in your comment below!!!

Elle Decor, Key Interiors by Shinay, other unknown

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Anonymous said...

I love that room with the purple and pink!!! What can I say, I'm a suck for color! -Kristy

Anonymous said...

Whoops..I meant I'm a sucker for color. What can I say, I also do too many things at once lol! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hey Kristy I have to agree with you, that's my favorite also the colors are so pretty and the model and the room looks very close. Great match!!

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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