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Runway decorate is dedicated to the color yellow, were calling this Yellow love.  because summer is fast approaching we can’t help but to think of sunny skies and beautiful warm days, so what better color is there to get us in the mood of good old summer days. Check out this week’s runway decorates while the beautiful runway models ware the color yellow and inspire our beautiful rooms. So please get comfortable, and watch good because you don't want to miss a moment of our upcoming presentation.Get ready friends to be moved by these lovely models and rooms.

Our first model is looking very summery in this yellow no sleeve dress but what tickles me is all the other colors that are in her beautiful runway gear. Check out the blue, green and red Flowers at the bottom of it. Can you get any more summer than that? Now let’s talk about her partner in crime this lovely room looks like its ready for good old summer days too. This room and model looks as though they were twins because look how the yellow walls in the room mimics the yellow dress but what about the colors of red green and blue that's hitting the runway. Now we can’t forget the cow hide the hit of black that's in the dress drives it home in the room why black looks so good with these colors.

Here we have a great model that is sporting a great outfit with a leopard jacket: leopard jacket. I don't think you can ever be out of style in a jacket like that but let’s get to the reason why where here, yellow love day so check out the lovely halter dress with yellow dark at the top and yellow calm at the bottom of the dress. WOW what an outfit!!!  Now here's to the beautiful room to the side of it shows a great match with the subtle colors of yellow and leopard pillows that mimics the jackets we raved so much about but what I like is how the dark yellow in the pillow contrast the white stripe looks almost exact to the runway models dress. I love this runway decorate match. – Room designed by Sarah Richardson
Here comes Mr. Cool showing off his yellow spirit with the latest fashions in yellow blazers and white paints. We know its summer when you can sport white paints like that. "Did I mention I love when a man can make yellow look this good “I love how this model is rocking the runway _______check out our high yellow room with yellow on the walls and yellow on the sofas we can’t miss sunny days in this room.  How about the two big pictures on the wall with the beautiful flowers? Boy do they contrast nicely up against them beautiful yellow walls. Now I must the mention the white diamond pattern on the walls peaking through subtly. Don’t you just love how the gray is poking through in the throw pillows with the gray table? What a sunny day on the runway
Did you enjoy Friday's Runway Decorate Yellow Love? I hope so because I sure have.
Which room did you like most?
Would you try decorating with your clothing as your inspiration?
Let me know in your comment below!!!

Please have a very happy weekend to you all!! We'll be enjoying lots of sun and record temps here in the B-lo (Buffalo NY)! XOXO

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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