0 How to: remove the frustration out of decorating your home? Part1

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If decorating frustrates you, you’re not alone. Decorating is enjoyable for a lot of us but there are some aspects to it that’s hard work. For some people decorating is a major struggle, but one that can be overcome with commitment, dedication and the right tools. So commit yourself to making good fundamental and basic decorating strides to carry out your decorating woes and soon, you’ll feel at ease and certain about decorating. Here are 1 of 5 decorating guidelines to get you started. This is a series of 5 weeks of how to remove the decorating frustration from your home. Check out guideline1below

Decorating guidelines:1

  Plan your project by having a blueprint in which to start, make sure to measure your room and start with an inspiring piece to get you started, it can be a fabric a favorite shoe or even the clothing you’re wearing, in other-words search for your inspiration piece.
Sometimes your inspiration piece can be something as simple as a pair of earrings. If this was my inspiration piece here is what I will do next
I will create a storyboard or mood-board with all the colors and types of furniture I like. Then after all that is done I will probably end up with something that looks like
If I do say so myself this will be a lovely outcome to a plan right? Can you see the logic here? If you look at the storyboard above once more you will see the lovely gray color in the paint swatch at the bottom of the board. That is where the painted gray wall comes from. Can you see how easy it is to come up with a story for a room you would like to decorate?

Now what's with the graph paper?

Remember in the first illustration with the graph paper above? What's with that? Why do we need graph paper to take away the frustration in decorating our rooms? Using graph paper makes it easy: one square on the graph paper is equal a foot. Which helps you do these things easier..
  1. Measure the walls and mark where the window and doors are. Remember to add an arrow at each door which tells you weather the door opens into the room or out of the room.
  2. Note North,East,South and West as you would on any map. This is your natural light plot. Western faced windows will give warm light in the afternoons.
  3. Sketch in any permanent structure or built-ins that are part of the room:fireplace,windows,wall niches, ect. Put a check-mark or star next to anything you would like to consider eliminating or drastically modifying.
Lets Arrange the room:

So where should we sit that furniture? This a question that people ask often. So where should we allow our furniture to sit? Here are a few examples....

I love this furniture placement because its floating in the middle of the room and most of all, there is  good conversation flow..
This furniture arrangement is more focus on the television so therefore  sitting in the middle of the room is a priority for TV watching in this room.

I chose this furniture placement because there are plenty of room and is granted large furniture because of the scale of the place. The homeowner could have chose to sit this furniture up against the wall but they chose the wise decision to move it tours the middle of the room. Allow this to be a lesson to all of us. There is always a choice in how we place our furniture but we should always keep in mind the flow of the room and the people who are living in that space.

Guideline recap: 
  1.  Plan your project by having a blueprint.
  2.  Create a storyboard or mood board to get you inspired.
  3.  Try new furniture placement.

 Come back next week for part 2 of how to remove frustration out of decorating your home? Part2

How did you like part1 of removing the frustration of decorating out of your home?

Was this easy to understand?

Let me know in your comment below!!!

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