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NFL wide receiver, former Dancing with the Stars contestant Hines Ward was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers after 14 years of playing top notch football, Super Bowl MVP top notch I might add, will no longer play for the team he helped get to the super bowl and win. While it’s certain he’s played his last game in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform after the team let him go, it appears that Hines Ward has put his Atlanta, GA “dream home” on the market, listing the property for a whopping $7.5 million and boy is it beautiful. The Snitch has learned that Mr. Hines is a passionate reader of the Architectural Digest Magazine and he has the utmost respect for great design, so much so that when he designed his house he enlisted the help of architect David Grace and interior designer Ann Davis, to make his dream a reality. This is why it makes his move that much more surprising. The NFL star is selling the home he put so much work into on the selling block. “This can’t be easy”.  With that being said  his mansion comes with 13,000-square-foot of living space that has 5 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and an interior that gives it the spacious, tranquil luster of a W Hotel, which is exactly what Ward wanted — and lived. If you know anything about the W Hotel you may know that it’s nothing short of upscale. I must say that Ward is a man after my own heart. I love it when a man appreciates style and fashion. Check out Ward’s Beautiful home….

What did you think of Hines Ward Home?
Would you purchase this home is money allowed?
Which room do you like most?
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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