2 Friday's Runway Decorate- Week12 Sexy rooms

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Can you believe it? It’s already been twelve week sense we started Friday’s runway decorate. I boast that I love this segment of the blog because I have to work and find the matches to these runway models and make sure you believe in it, so with that being said, this week were getting sexy with it and I hope you enjoy it. Check out how our sexy runway model inspires our beautiful sexy interiors.

Our first model looks very sexy and blue. “No” not blue meaning down. She is looking very blue and amazing in this astounding blue gown with long sleeve silky jacket with a flare, she's lighting the runway on fire with this sexy gown. __________. Check out this sexy Dining room with fresh white walls, blue lamps and a white beautiful dining room table. Who would have thought to use a white table in a dining room? Well I’m for one is glad the designer chose this look because its beautiful and creating a lovely look that matches this lovely runway model.

Our next model is strutting the runway; in a more elegant, exotic and pulled-together look exemplified by her sexy dress that wraps her like a glove. Check out the glimmer silver color in her sexy formal dress. I love how the runway model shows her elegance in this outfit “you go girl! Work that runway__________. Now here goes our sexy chic new mod-to-modern style living room looking all so elegant and defined with beauty. Can you see the similarities of the runway model and the interior space? “I know I sure can”… If this isn’t a match I don’t know what is.
Our next model is stunning. Doesn't she look hip and comfortable? She looks somewhat relaxed in the navy blue dress and her flat white shoes. Also sporting a lovely gold buckled belt around her waist she’s looks like the epitome of runway model__________.   Just as great as the runway model looks you’re going to be just as impressed with our interior room a dining room to be exact. This Dining room is sporting a very similar ware as our runway model, wow what a match. The runway model is wearing a blue dress with a gold buckle, now check out our room blue chairs with gold legs and arms, and wow what lovely details. Did you notice the glass table with the gold base? How could you not notice!! Wow how it mimics’s the belt buckle on the runway model. Now this impressive white furry rug which mimic the white flat shoes the model is wearing. “I know I said this before but if this isn’t a match I don’t know what is”.

 Were going to hold hands and take a bow until our next runway decorate. Thanks for coming to this weeks show well see you next time.

Thanks for playing along with our weekly runway decorate fashion shows. Here are a few questions I will like to know.

Did you enjoy Friday's Runway Decorate Week 12 Sexy rooms; I hope so because I sure have
Which room did you like most?
Do you think you would try decorating with your clothing as your inspiration?
Let me know in your comment below!!!


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Anonymous said...

I love the sexy vibe of all of these rooms. Great job as usual my friend!!! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy for your contentious support.

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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