3 Renovation Crash- 904 Williamson Project Update

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Hello friends it's been a while since I updated you on the coolest renovation I know of at the moment. Guess what? This crash is making some real progress and boy is it starting to look more like the grand house it promised to be. This week 904 Williamson Project has new ground to stand on. The new floors are going in and some things are going out so check out all that has happen while we’ve been away.
Out with the old! Why use the door when there is a window
The new floor system is going in
The whole rear wall is gone! Using his favorite tool--a Milwaukee reciprocating saw.
No more rot :) Yes my friends the rot is all gone.
Someone is enjoying a room with a view

The beams are finally going away. Next, the foundation for the addition it's nice to see really good progress is happening.

 Rear wall almost complete. Wow, that is looking good!

Remember this is the inspiration home! Well it’s amazing how far inspiration can take you.

Remember this is the part of the house that is staying! Can you see how it fits in with the drawing?
Can you see the inspiration peeking through?

Well my dear friends I hope you enjoyed this part of renovation crash because I sure have. This house is starting to form into something great so stick around to our next update and see just how far this home has come. Until next time.

Shinay Key
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Anonymous said...

So cool! Looking forward to seeing the end result! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@AnonymousMe too Kristy I can't wait it's looking so good. I'm looking forward to the interior getting done. Thanks for your comment!

Mocha Mango said...

I cannot wait to see the final project and the interior! I know you're going to have a ball decorating it Shinay!

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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