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Good morning and happy Monday to all of you. I must admit. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I tell you I have got to get my energy level up. At any rate what’s your energy level these days? Are you ready for this New week? So! How was your weekend? Did you do all you set out to do this weekend? I stayed in and cleaned out my junky basement and boy oh boy was it junky but it’s getting there if I do say so myself.  Finally I can see a light at the end of the dungeon. No really it’s not as bad as a dungeon but it was a bit crowded down there  and I got to get it clean if I have any chance in having a workspace all for me to say the least, here check it out for yourself and you tell me if I had my work cut out for me. 
Friends I will also like to share an e-design I did to give you an idea of my vision so without further ado check out this junky basement of mine.  Please don't judge I'm working on it.

First let me apologize for all the blurriness of the photo but this is walking down to my basement and as you can see some pretty high ceiling going down the stairs but that is it for all the height but makes for a pretty fun photo on that wall when I get to it. You can see the arrow pointing to the treadmill I never quite use but yea I have to change that!
Check out  the walls and all its beautiful cedar paneling (not) but woo it's a lot of it. Hey what do you think of those chairs?
Check out my cool bar pretty cool right hmmm not so much but I foresee this posing a problem for me so it will become something else as I start to pull the room together
Glass block window (not getting much light there but I will have to work with it hey its a basement!
Window, ceiling, walls, and boy o boy how about them floors? I see this looking like a lot of work.
This is a door going into the other part of the basement I have tons of cleaning to do. Look at all that stuff and believe it or not a lot is good stuff or trust me it would have been gone by now :)

I see some upcoming projects coming soon hmmm!
How will I deal with the stairs?
The ceiling is looking pretty bad!
Check out the e-design I did for inspiration for this basement!
In the e-design I moved the bar and you don't see the support pole but as you know it will have to stay for it is holding and supporting the house  but this is a general idea of how I vision it looking now as you can see I have my work cut out for me and as we move forward some things may change but this is the just of it.

So my friends tell me whats on your mind! Do I have my work cut out for me or are you thinking easy breezy let me know in your comments below!
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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