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When it comes to choosing bold furniture, colors and patterns for your home I get that it’s easy to second-guess yourself. But taking a design risk can really pay off. Whether it’s with a vibrant sofa or an attention grabbing painting technique I'll show you that sometimes it’s best to go bold.

Bold Pattern is the focal point- Repeating a pattern creates visual harmony but don’t feel like you have to stick to just one. For example it’s perfectly acceptable and encouraged to mix and match patterns. If one thing I can contest to that pattern helps balance out some spaces with a punchy personality. Some of the examples below show just how mix matching patterns gives a room some fun and spunky character.
OK! This isn't a room but you can clearly see how nicely patterns can coexist especially when they have likely things in common like color and when a large print meats a small print it can really work wonders.  The models dress has a very pretty flower print that's large print but the backdrop she's standing against has smaller prints in the same colors as the dress. I think this denostrate how well pattern can play together when its done correctly.
Love the patterns in this room!
I love how this room is going for it! Bold and proud of it...

I love how the print in the rug plays well with the zebra print chair.

Bold and beautiful
The patterns in this bedroom are beautifully done and most of all not overdone. This room is just right! Many patterns but with colors that are coordinating. Love it!!!
That rug!
The pattern wall  make this entryway bold and amazing!

Adding the bold- Let’s face it it’s not always easy to go bold just all outright it can be scary but it’s nothing wrong with adding a little bold on top of plain walls the blank walls can serve as your canvas and help you avoid clashing patterns but most important it can give your eye a visual break. Some of the rooms below show just how you can add the bold to your room. 
Again a model demonstrates just what I mean when I say a blank wall serving as a canvas for the good stuff. I love the black canvas the model is posing up against it allows for her boldness of her outfit to shine through even stronger. 

Bold with colorful accent chair and a punch of color with the red pillow.

White walls serves as a canvas to introduce bold painting and colorful ones to be exact also do you notice the blank canvas in the chairs? This invites the opportunity to bring patterns into the mix..

If this room isn’t bold I don’t know what is! I love the color of the walls and the solid colorful chairs but the walls invites the beautiful contrast of the pattern window covering to stand out without being too interrupting to the eye. This room is amazing….
Window seat, pillows and large art over the fireplace are all so gorgeous.
Love the printed pillows.

How do you create calm within the bold? - Well my friends this is what we’ve been talking about most of this post how to create and maintain a bold room. How do you create calm within the bold? One of the ways is to put a bold pattern on the walls and calm it with a no pattern furniture pieces. These examples below shows you just how calm within the bold is doable. 

How cool is this room with the bold wallpaper print on the wall but it's really not distracting because of all the neutral furniture in front of it now this is how you calm the bold in a room.
Again bold wallpaper but not so bold furniture!
Pattern on the wall and no print chair. What a great lesson in breaking up the bold.

This too is showing that a pattern that has the same color that's in the wall pattern can make since with another pattern that are the same color but the background of the pattern is in the reverse color. That pillow compliments the wall nicely!

Thanks my dear friends I hope you will try your hand in going for the bold in your decorating decisions. Let me know what you think in your comments below. Until next time
Shinay Key

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