3 Creating More Kitchen Storage

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Hello dear friends,How are you today? Are you doing well? I thought I’d  talk about something I know we all can use more of and that's more storage in our kitchen. I always say I'd be more organize if only I had more of it.  Creating More Storage starts by checking out your kitchen from top to bottom to find unused space. Even if you think you have exhausted every possibility for storing those items you cant live without in your kitchen you may see where you can incorporate more  ideas similar to these.

Check out this house beautiful kitchen of the year it is loaded with extra storage throughout this grand kitchen. I love all the cabinet space and the open glass shelves for dishes. This kitchen have it all in the looks and storage department. House Beautiful
Find more space with open shelving for pretty dishes and how about baskets for open door cabinets in the kitchen. -source unknown
A Island can always help with more storage. Islands has cabinet doors and drawers. Who couldn't find more space with an island even if its a small one.- bhg

I love this idea because even if there is no space you can find some wall space to add shelving where there is none. As you can see you can hang cups and put some beautiful plates and teapots on them… source

I love this small stand alone island it gives tons of storage I mean you can put pots, pans and silverware inside the cabinet and dishes inside the little drawers in addition on the side check out the little shelving you can use for seasoning or just decorations except this post is about storage so I would go for the seasonings. Hey and did I forget to mention the top of the island the counter gives you more room to prepare food. I love this island it gives loads of storage. Source unknown

Love the special place for knives and cooking utensils. Just think about it! This is something that can be easily duplicated you can take a long pole (like a curtain rod of some kind and if that doesn’t work how about a PVC piping from the hardware store) furthermore hook on the backsplash in your kitchen and Walla.

Double Shelving

This hutch not only provides a characteristic centerpiece for a country kitchen, it also offers plentiful exposed shelving to show off an assortment of plates, glasses, cups, and crockery while the space below conceals the items you don't care to showoff. House Beautiful
Now this speaks for itself isn't this a clever way to hang your cleaning supplies? Again simple duplication and I think I'll try this one myself a tile tension rod and that is all in a nutshell

Well my friends that is all for now on kitchen storage but I hope you will try some of the esay duplications in your kitchen and I can only hope this was useful to helping you solve some storage issues in your kitchen. Come back tomorrow for more storage ideas in another room until then..

Shinay Key
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Anonymous said...

Shinay, love love love this post! This is my current dilemma. I have no storage space in my kitchen or any area in my house for that matter and I am trying to find some ideas on how best to make more room. I have actually contemplated getting an island versus a new table and chair set in our kitchen. I have an open brick wall that I have no idea what to do with. I really need to figure out a way to find more space in my kitchen. Thank you for this. It inspires me to with ideas I can possibly implement in my kitchen.

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Detra I thin a island is a really good way to go because of all the great ways you can use an island. I mean an Island can be a kitchen table but with more storage. Thanks for your comment Detra!!

saif simspk said...

Hi Key!
Good job! Your kitchen is well organized. I wanna try some of your ideas. Thanks for this informative blog you share to us! -

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