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Today I took a look in one of my closets and noticed just how unorganized it is. I struggled through the closet just to find a hairbrush to do my hair and boy was that annoying. As I looked and looked I started to image a closet that was only organized, ordered and well thought-out. Oh how I envision a closet space with Rolled up towels neat and pretty with a more bundled together look with more storage space gained. Boy-o-boy I wish I was more structured when it comes to these things but my friends I’m determent to get it right but in the meantime I’m going to sike myself up with some cool organization  inspiration photos below.  

Here are some inspiration photos that will get you saying" if only I was this organized". 

I heart the organization here. This is what I'm talking about towels all bundle together and stack. I love this source
Now this small closet just blows me a way with all its creative ideas to make more space. I love the towel holders on the door so clever. bhg
Not only is this neat it all decorated in pretty basket all wrapped decoupaged with wallpaper and how about the use of corbels as shelving dividers? This is an idea I have to use in my own closet . Wow how clever. Source unknown
Lovely bhg
I know this is in a bathroom and not a closet per say but the organization here is awesome and can be used in a closet as well source
Pure love and neatness. BHG
No clutter anywhere
Shoe storage doing other duties is so clever. You can use shoe storage for toothbrushes, hairbrushes and so much more amazing idea. BHG
Now check out this amazing utility closet its lovely right? I truly heart this closet its so organized and everything is in its place. What more can I say, I love it...Source unknown

Well my friends this is the conclusion of this post but we leave you with much inspiration to get organized in your own home. Weren't these some good examples of getting organize? Let me know in your comments below how you were inspired by these beautiful closets. Until the next time
Shinay Key

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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