4 My House from the Beginning-Part 1

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Hello Beautiful friends, today I wanted to talk a little about me, it’s about that time you all get to know a little about who I am and what my personal decorating style is.  It’s time for me to share a little of myself with you. I guess it’s always hard to put myself out there because  doing so I’m opening myself up for some criticism and that’s never easy. So I hope you won’t be too hard on me. But nonetheless I look forward to sharing some of my life journey with you.

 Let's see “I guess  I should start from the beginning. 
My husband and I bought our house in the year 2005, a little Brick Cape Cob Doll House but at the time there was nothing dolly about it. This little house had very large challenges’ that were not unforeseen. 

You see “we bought this house knowing it was going to take a lot of love to make it a home”. But for me to start at the beginning I have to tell you the whole story. 

In 2004 I was selling real estate and I thought  hey I’m selling homes why not throw my hat into the ring and buy one myself, so from there the hunt was on. My husband and I went on the prowl for that perfect house and guess what?  We found it. Yes we found the house of our dreams.
I mean it had it all, excellent location. Great curb appeal a basement with lots of potential, rec room with wet bar and it had something even more, a huge backyard for my daughter to run and play, really what more could we ask for?   
Let me tell you. I only wished that we were the only family looking to purchase this home.I soon found out that this home wasn't only my dream home but a whole lot of other buyers dream home as well. So needless to say it was war we had to win this house. How can this go wrong "I’m a real estate agent “I have to get this house” but unfortunately not even my savvy negotiation skills could win us that house.

Yes friends someone bought it cash and it wasn’t cheep so as the story goes there was no competing with that. So where do we go from here?  I have to say it was hard on the prowl looking for a different house because every other house had to live up to the house we lost.  at this point I truly was distraught over the whole ordeal and you know when your distraught looking for something else is almost out of the question at least that's how I felt at the time.

So I didn’t want a different house so I stop looking but there was one person who weren’t giving up. Nope my husband wasn’t having it. You know: a man who loves his family isn’t taking this laying down, you know take the emotions out of it sort of speak. We women are some emotional creatures. When we love, we love hard.

Every night my loving husband Mark would look on the MLS (Multiple listing systems) where realtors find homes for their clients, it was if he was in a battle to find that perfect house for our family. I guess someone had to do it (wink) and one night it happened. I heard a voice Nay, Nay (short for Shinay) it was my husband Mark. I found it. 

Conversation between Me and Mark

Shinay- found what?
Mark- Our new house,
Shinay- “This better be good”.
Mark- Hold all judgments’
Shinay-hmmm what does that mean?
I soon found out the house my husband found for us was none other than that little Brick Cape Cob Doll House, "Oh No"was my answer to my husband. I said "This house is a far cry from the house we lost earlier in the outbid" My thought was… what is my husband thinking?

Shinay- What are you thinking?
 Mark- I said hold all judgments’
Shinay- OK. “I’ll see it but I’m not buying it”. It’s nothing like my dream home, it’s not even in the same location and it’s much smaller.
 Mark –let’s see it first and then we can come to a decision if we’ll buy it or not.
Shinay- OK. 

So that’s how the conversation went down between my husband and me. So I went on to schedule the appointment to see this house and you know I wasn’t happy about it! But I wanted to be a team player, you know take one for the team sort of speak, so that! I did.

To be continued ……………Oh before I go I’d like to show you the house we were outbid on. And the house Mark wanted to show me. Now remember where holding off judgment until you have the whole story.  But in the mean time I will like to know your thoughts.
Here is the house we wanted to buy first. This was the house we lost in the outbid. Was this my dream house? No but I liked it a whole lot. this is the  house sqft- 2,553 sqft
Here is the house my husband wanted me to see and hold judgement off on. This was not my dream house  oh! I forgot hold off judgement!! - This house 1,993 sqft

Now this is how the Realtor who were selling the house was marketing it on the MLS. 
 Very spacious Cape. Check out rm sizes! 2 large bedrooms up with additional sitting area. Great storage including walk in attic space. Classic living rm and dining rm. Additional 12x10 rm off liv rm.Could be den. 1st floor bdrm. Great closets. Needs cosmetics. 2 car garage slab in yard. Property located in Cheektowaga and Buffalo. Easy to show. 

Oh by the way! Did you catch (2 car garage slab in yard)? Well I didn't I saw a pic with a (2 car garage) and I expected a 2 car garage in the yard and not a slab so you can only imagine how I felt when I saw a garage with no garage hmm should I say (angry) and more convinced not to get that house.  I guess I need to pay close attention to what I read for now on.

After all of that, I still wonder just what it was that caught my husband’s attention hmmm

What do you think thus far  was my husband losing his mind or what?

Have you ever lost a real estate bid on a house you loved and if so how did you handle it?

What do you think about the two houses thus far? Don't worry you can judge!
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Sheryl said...

I could see why you'd like the first house. It looks very spacious and newer than the second. I don't know if I could even consider the second, if I had my heart set on the first one. They are not even comparable. But, there are so many factors to consider.

I've never been outbid on a house. However, I do wish I spent more time looking before settling on my current home. Now I see so many things that I wish were different. Many of those things I didn't even know that I should be thinking about beforehand.

Was your husband in love with the second because of the price or potential maintenance costs? He might be looking at things practically. I would reserve judgement until I've seen the entire house (Cape Cod). Certain things are deal breakers for sure, but others you can fix. I guess you have to decide what you're willing to give up. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us in and sharing a bit of your world. Both houses have curb appeal. I too would have been a bit thrown off by the slab garage...but it does look adorable. Tell us what happens next! Inquiring minds want to know! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hi Sheryl, thanks so much for your comment and I hope you will come back for part2 and the rest of the parts of my house because it should be interesting. Anyhow you were so right it was so hard because the houses weren't comparable at least not on the outside but as you see the house comes along as the story goes on. Therefore I hope you come back to see the other parts of my house.

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy for stopping by as usual and I'm glad I'm finally able to let you in to see apart of my world. I guest its about time. Anyhow thanks again for your comment.

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