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Good morning my dear friends its Tuesday and I'm talking storage again, it must be a storage issues in my house heck who am I fooling there is a storage issue in my house and I don't know too many people who don't need more of it in their home and that is why I thought it was fitting to plug in storage, storage and, more storage on the blog this week. Now if you are lacking storage like some of us are than you will love the beautiful bedroom storage ideas I have for you today. Check out these storage ideas that will get the creative juices in you flowing.

OK! Who wouldn't want a closet like this?
A place for all your shoes and boots- This can be done with a few bookcases put together and you have yourself some cool shoe storage
Oh how I love all the storage in this bedroom walk-in-closet and did you notice the huge trunk in the middle? Lovely!
I love this because although they have good storage they have some other storage ideas to make sure the good storage usage continues  like the suitcases yes you don't just use them for vacation but you can use them for storage as well
Are you digging all the storage under the beds? No if this isn't good storage ideas I'm not sure what is..
More under bed storage
Put wheels on an old drawer and roll it away under the bed and now you have more storage that is out of sight.

If you need a place to work yes you can do in your closet if you have a big enough closet. Clever!
Oh how I love this closet. This closet is so cute and organized I love the dresser and all the shelves. This is all clever storage ideas
Love the dresser in the closet and the organize hats on the dresser is so neat.
So neat and organized. This is what you do when you have a small closet.
How cool is this? This is so easy to duplicate because all you need is some hooks on the door and hang your beautiful jewelry on it.
So cute!
Storage all over the place here I love the bends under the bed
Yes Please! Can my closet look like this!

What do you think of  all this bedroom storage? I think they were great and I like that some of the storage can be used anywhere. Let me know what you think in your comments below!!
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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