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Hello friends, have you notice I always start off with hello friends or hi friends? Well that is because I truly value all of you who visit my little old blog on the regular basis and those of you who visits occasionally for some advice on home interiors.  I hope this blog is truly giving you something to be inspired about on the regular. .  Before I talk about today’s post I just wanted to give a quick shot out to my peeps that comes here on the regular and for those of you who are visiting for the first time. I hope you’ll make this blog a regular stop for interior design inspiration. So without further ado let’s get to color combinations. Do you have a favorite individual color? I do and mine is the color green now there are many shades of green so to break it down for you I really lean more towards lime green, hunter green and sometimes primary color green but anyhow I'm crazy about the color green oh and I can’t forget about money green but that's the green I want more in my purse or my pocket (smile) hint,hint! Friends while individual colors are interesting aren’t it fun when you bring colors together? So what is the perfect color combination to you? Color combinations come from classic color theory and there are endless variations on each.  Here are variations terminologies of color combinations.
Now friends we are concentrating on one variation at a time and that way we can fully get the true understanding of each color variation. Today's Color Variation Analogous gets this post so let’s get to it.
Analogous- These harmonious combinations consist of colors that lie side by side on the color wheel. Red, red-orange and orange is what you call analogous because they are related or similar somewhat connected, and so are blue, blue-violet, and violet are similar. The key to Analogous scheme is a common color, colors that are alike and comparable- Here are a few examples 
Color wheel example of -Analogous

 Example1- Blue and green
Blue and green are color that lives side by side on the color wheel so this is what you call comparable more alike colors.  These has to be my favorite analogous variations.

Example2- Blue and violet (purple)
Example 3- Red and Yellow  or (red and orange)
Can you see how well these colors works together!! This is a color combination that works.

This was a quick rundown on Analogous and how the color combination works together. I love the blue green and the Blue and violet (purple) connection they all work together so well.  If you are looking on the color wheel for color direction this is one way you can make a distinction of how color will flow together by the way of Analogous (side by side on the color wheel).

Are you excited about color combination Analogous? Please let me know in your comment below!
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Anonymous said...

As you know, I'm slightly obsessed with color myself! I LOVE that blue green combination. There are so many colors that work well together. Thanks for reminding us about the color wheel and how to use it as a quick guide when decorating...or even getting dressed. -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy for your comment its so true that we can use the color wheel when getting dress as well. Color is such a huge part of all our lives.

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