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Hello friends, another day of fun color combinations. In our last post on color combinations we talked a lot about color combinations variations of Analogous  we learned that Analogous was colors that were next to each other on the color wheel you can check that out here and today it’s all about complementary colors, so let’s get started  as fun awaits us in the world of complimentary colors

Complimentary color combinations are made up of colors that lie directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. Red and green are compliment as are yellow-orange and blue violet. More or less opposite colors work well, too. For example, sage green (a yellow-green) pairs beautifully with violet. In fact it’s more interesting when the colors are not direct compliments. Blue for example works well with yellow a warm color. Here are a few examples of complimentary colors.
This is a complementary color wheel example.

Complementary Example- Purple and yellow(gold)

 Complementary Example- Blue and orange

 Complementary Example-Red and green
Now friends this is a color that can easily go wrong and if you’re going to do it you must know what you doing.  I love the above pick because this is what doing it right looks like a high contrast of complementary colors of red and green.  When using a large dose like this it can be tricky.
Here it is again red and green color combination-complementary done right. I love the look of this beautiful bedroom. This is a contrast I can live with.

Who said opposite don’t attract? I always believed that is what makes design interesting.  The unexpected is always what captures the attention in a finish design. 
Friends from our lesson on complementary color combination we learned colors on the opposites side of the isle  can  gives us high contrast that crates a vibrant look.

Thanks again for hanging out with me for this post I hope you come back again tomorrow when we talk about another color combination- Monochromatic. This is one of my favorite color variations and I can't wait to have the discussion. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow until then.
Please leave your beautiful comments I love to know what’s on your mind!
Shinay Key
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