2 How to: remove the frustration out of decorating your home? Part2

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Hello friends, a few week ago I did a post on decorating frustration and how to get rid of it. It’s time for part2 of our 5 part series, if you were encourage from part 1 then part 2 is sure not to disappoint. Last time we talked about the guidelines to follow while decorating your home. first I will like to refresh your memory on the order. Here are the guideline order we discussed before

·   Plan your project by having a blueprint.
·   Create a storyboard or mood board to get you inspired.
·   Try new furniture placement
Here is guideline 2 and this should be fun if you love to shop. This has to be one of my all time favorite things to do. I love to shop and especially if I’m spending someone else’s money :)  now friends stick with me. What do shopping has to do with removing the decorating frustration from you home? I don’t know about you but shopping always makes me feel better.
OK you found your inspiration, you created your mood board and tried new furniture placement. Now it’s time to go shopping.

Where do I shop?
1.)    This may sound strange but the first place I will suggest you shop is your own home yes your house. By shopping your home you may be able to save money. 

shop your home first

The reason I say shop your home first is because it will give you the opportunity to look at old pieces you have stashed away in closets, basement and attics in a new light. How about making something old new again or throw out something to make way for the new things you will bring in?

Before you start to shop you should already know what colors your interested in , what style you want and what you need to complete your room redo. You should have a list of things you need such as tables, lamps and accessories before you start this will make your job less stressful but fun.

Now your shopping your home but you don't see anything that remotely resembles the colors or inspirations you put onto your mood board. This is when you start to look at old thing in a new way. Maybe you have an old table, or some ugly lamps that's just sitting there collecting dust or maybe they can use a can of spray paint or perhaps its time to git rid of them and make room for something new.  Check out this old dresser made new again over at design sponge.

How different is the two dressers? Night and Day they don’t look the same at all. So before going shopping outside your home see what you have lurking in your basement, attics or other rooms around the house.

I wanted to give you my own example of shopping your home first- "Here are a few things I found lurking around my house".
Old bench and ottoman. I actually found 2 of the benches. I have something plan for them both you have to stick around to see what happen to the bench and the ottoman I will recover and paint
Look! I found a fun desk lamp, lamp shade, vase, picture frames and file/paper holder.

“I absolutely love this vase”. I disregard I had it. My goal is to find a place for it soon.

Consequently I found a whole lot more but I'll cover that in another post. Moreover my intent was to show you how to shop your home even if there aren’t any pretty things around. Clearly you don’t have to keep everything you find, following this further, how about donating some of the things you don’t want to keep to Goodwill or someone who you know need it or do a trade off with someone else who's redecorating, before long you will be on your way to fewer frustrations in decorating your home. 

Finally 4 Guidelines to remember!
  •  Shop your home first
  • Make old things new again
  • Donate what you don't want to others who needs it 
  • Trade decorative pieces with others who are redecorating also.
I hope you got some answer to your decorating frustrations from this post stay tuned for our upcoming post part3 where we will discuss shopping for the perfect furniture and accessories for your home.

Are you tempted to shop your home after this post?
Do you prefer the more direct way to shop {a store first perhaps}
Was this post clear enough to understand if not what can I don’t better to help to improve you understanding?

Until  the next time!

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Thanks for the tips... -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy for your comment.

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