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Its Real Estate Snitch Wednesday once again great friends and today were bringing it home that’s right a local snitch. 
Yes the snitch located a beautiful local Buffalo NY, Condo right in the heart of buffalo W Ferry district.  This building is a real beauty not just a fly by night kind of building this building was built with heart and the Snitch is going to tell you why. Now we all know the snitch looooove her some beauty and great architecture with style well

Welcome to one of Buffalo's demand addresses 800 W Ferry # 3A Buffalo NY 14222 with a List Price: $174,900

 This building was built by the great Duane Lyman
Duane Lyman was considered the dean of Buffalo architects. His firms had designed many of the finest office buildings, schools, churches, and residences in Western New York. Born in Lockport, NY on September 9th, 1886 Lyman attended Manlius Military Academy before studying architecture at Yale University’s Graduate Sheffield Scientific School, graduating in 1908.   Well the Snitch isn’t here to give you a history lesson but I had to get the word out on who built this beautiful piece of architecture. When you see this Condo you’re going to witness the best of architecture details and construction I can’t tell you how much I adore Buffalo NY buildings and this is one of them so please take a look a stunning Condo built by one of Buffalo’s prominent architects.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks Real Estate Local Snitch Buffalo NY West Ferry district Condo. I know I enjoyed it. 

I must say that the impression this building exterior conveys. It created an emotional desire of a beautiful lifestyle and status that represents home. Furthermore how about the front door of the building it had me at hello and right away I was hooked. Following this further did you like the lobby? Did you appreciate the architecture details in there? 

Wow I love it .


Now you know I always want your input! So

What did you think of this Condo?

If you were looking to live in a Condo would this be a choice of yours?

Let me know in your comments below!!

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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