0 5 Ways to Make a Color Splash Statement in your home

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Good morning my dear friends, are you looking to make a splash in your home? I know this is something I'm asked a lot. How can I make a statement in my house without going crazy with color? One of the easiest ways to introduce a splash of color into your room is to be strategic. Instead of painting a room a bold right in your face color thinks about painting it neutral and bounce color off it with bold and colorful accessories or one signature furniture piece. Well if ideas are what you need I have 5 ways you can make a color splash statement in your home.

#1This pink black and cream Entry make a wow statement when you walk into the door. How about the black door it’s to die for right? I love the color splash this entryway is making.

#2 Pink lampshades make the wall pop in addition to the pink and white stripe floor, now if that don’t give you a splash I’m not sure what will.

#3 Black, yellow and white against a white painted wall. This is the splash of color this room needs, nothing more to make a statement.

#4 I love the Turquoise wall although its bold it serves as a backdrop for the white consol table which calm the turquoise wall therefore it doesn’t look as bold and what about the bold yellow lamps helps with the color splash.

#5 Boy-o-boy what can I say about the orange painted staircase? These stairs speaks for itself don’t you think? Wow! Paint your steps orange with some floor paint and you got yourself a masterpiece. Pure love….

Well my friends lets rep up another cool post. I sure hope you can splash up the color in your home with the 5 ways of color splash statements that were made in the rooms above. Please let me know what you think in your comment below! Until then


Shinay Key
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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