1 Renovation Crash Update-904 Williamson Basements

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Basements~ In North Carolina they're not known for their  basements that is why the basement is so significant in this home because this will be one of the only homes in this region with one. In my neck of the woods if you don’t have a basement it can lower your market value but in North Carolina if you have one it can actually increase the value of a home. Friends are you excited yet! I hope so because its getting more and more exciting every time we give you updates on this renovation crash of the Williamson project and I can hardly hold in my excitement. I am so excited to share with you the conclusion of the basement work so without further ado check out how far along this
renovation crash is.  

Basement windows~
Nice size windows, I may add

This is close to wrapping up this phase of the foundation.

The house is happy to be back on the foundation.."Eric Cumming"

Wow this is great! I can’t tell you how cool it is to finally see the legs on this baby get stronger, can you say (she’s a brick)! This home is on its way as you can see but a whole lot more have to be done but do you remember what it looked like before? You see the body of the house is now sitting on top and looking a whole lot taller I’m told that the basement is going to be pretty tall and it’s going to make for lots of room on the lower level of the house.  But like I said earlier there is still lots to be done the frame of the addition still has to get done and before that the foundation for that will have to be built) but per Eric Cumming (Homeowner) By then, it WILL be cold outside and you know what that means!! (Heaters) but with all that being said the progress that has been made is definitely a big step in the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how I got so behind on your posts...please forgive me! This is very cool! It's amazing how they built this. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.... -Kristy

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