0 Renovation Crash Update- 904 Williamson Under the House

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We’re back to the crash and Eric our homeowner/ renovator and his crew is now under the house and we all know what happens under the house stays under the house at least that is what I think. My Friends this is where it all happens the footing of the house where it lets you know if your home will stand the test of time. When I bought my house the one thing our home inspector wanted to know was is the basement well-built and secure? He also wanted to know what kind of beams we’re holding up the house and in his mind if this was strong everything else are fixable. Well my friends this may not be the pretties part of the project but it will be one of the most important part of the renovation so without further ado check out 904 Williamson progress.

More digging...and under the house
Yay under the house.
Believe me; the guys doing the digging are making sure they don't miss anything.
Almost all dug out.
Isn’t this photo awesome? The panoramic picture makes it look like a corner lot  an d check out the big and amazing trees.
Check out those legs ~ getting ready to dig the footings...finally!
Digging footers :)
Eric has footings...just before the rain! Now that’s a reason to smile!!

Foundation work begins...

This is Final design...Eric hopes.

That is it for this renovation crash make sure to stay with us for more of this amazing renovation. I can’t wait to see the final results. Doesn’t the final front elevation look great? Let me know in your comment below!
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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