0 Renovation Crash- update 904 Williamson part 3

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This project is making some real progress should I say beam me up Scotty!! Friends I can’t wait until you see the progress that has been made thus far. My friends 904 Williamson has some ways to go but its making a mark already in these early stages of this renovation. 

This update will cover beams and foundation and the ups and downs of a renovation project.  So without further ado get ready to beam with smiles of profoundness of respect for hard working renovators.

904 Williamson what it looks like now
Inspiration for renovation
Before work started on 904 Williamson

In homeowner Eric's words "Siding removed...looking pretty pitiful".

Remember the front porch ...and the old addition and front porch are gone! Progress sounds good dosent it?
Beams are going in place

More beams and holes knocked in the foundation...and LOTS of red mud. This is Impressive...
Beams under the house

 It's airborne!  At this point it’s only about 6" up on one end, right now. It will likely be completely in the air by the next photo. Check it out

And waaay up goes

Isn’t it nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel~ Eric can now start to imagine a grander house and you can certainly see why. This house is on its way to big things

Hmmm, not looking so good. But I know Eric and his team will make this better...

Well my friends (to be continued) this renovation is having its ups and its downs. I hate to leave on a sour note but stick with me because I know this down is going to be up again perhaps in our next update come back and see what happens, until then friends I look forward to the next renovation crash update but most of all I will like to thank Eric Cumming for allow me to follow this project and share it with all of you.

Shinay Key
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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