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Hello friends, it’s a rear occasion that I post twice in one day but today I thought it was fitting to do a small tribute to a man who I've grown up with, well at least who I feel like I've grown up with and my friends not just me but so many of us. Friends many of us know him as Mr. Food and the OOH it’s so good guy I don’t think I ever really knew his real name is that rude I sure hope not but today I want to give Tribute to Mr. Art Ginsburg  aka (Mr. Food) how fitting of a name of a true food artist.

Friends I must admit how taken back I was when I learned that Mr. Food is no longer with us and especially when so many is celebrating a day that so much of it is sharing dinner and the dinner table of food with your families that is why I wanted to express thanks to a guy who taught us all so much about food. This guy can make any food look good and I truly mean that. I would just like to say Mr. Food you we’re OOH so Good!  You have touched me and I’m sure some of my readers in so many ways thanks for bringing the art of food into our homes. Without further ado check out some good looking food to eat and please check out Mr. Food’s pecan pie I’m sure it’s going to be as good as it looks

check out more on this story here and get the recipe to this tasty pecan pie


Friends I have a confession to make I loooove dessert I can’t tell you how much so much I often hurry my dinner in order to get to it. How about you do you love dessert like I do and if you do what is your favorite dessert? Mine is Apple pie and vanilla ice cream mixed together and I tell you I can never get enough so without further ado check out these delicious looking desserts

Thanks friends I hope you enjoyed this extra post because it was OOH so Good! So my dear friends let’s eat and remember the fine guy who gave his generosity and kindness Art Ginsburg aka (Mr. Food) to all of our families. Thanks Mr. Food you will be truly missed. Check out this site if you will like to share your memories about the one and only Mr. Food.  

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