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Hello friends we're keeping it coming with color combos and I hope you enjoy this segment because color is such a huge part in any interior decorating (design) process. Thus far we covered Analogous, Complementary and Monochromatic color combinations and now we’re going to move on to a little complex color combination. No, really there is such a color combination that goes by the name Complex and without further ado we will tackle it. 

Complex color schemes consist of color spaced around the color ring in a variety of arrangements. Teal, magenta and mango, (intense versions of blue-green, red-violet, and yellow-orange) are middle on the color wheel, in a combination known as “tetrad.”A four color combination of equidistant colors, such as green, red, yellow and orange, and blue-violet is known as a “tetrad.” Complex color schemes are pleasing because they automatically balance visual temperature, but they can be more challenging to put together than simpler schemes. Friends I have to tell you, this was a bit complex for me to put together for you today so let’s see what we came up with shell we? Here are a few examples of complex color combinations below.

Tetrad or ‘double complementary’ color schemes use four colors arranged into two complementary color pair off. Like this:

If the word (tetrad)is hard to roll off your tongue think of it as a a set or group of four maybe just say four anyhow check out what's complex in actual photos of rooms done in this complex color combo below

Tented and muted but very beautiful!
Complex and happy

Mixing good design with complex color?  Now that’s my kind of color combo!  Thanks friends for stopping by for this complex lesson on color. I have to admit it wasn’t easy finding great rooms with this color combo perhaps because it’s so complex. Anyhow let me know what you think in your comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! You know that I'm a sucker for color. Very cool floor in the first room...and I love the teal and green room. Nice work...and thanks for schooling everyone on color never gets old! -Kristy

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