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Hello my friends how are you today? As the school year starts it gets me thinking how this school year can be better than the last school year.  While I was brainstorming on all the things I wanted to do different for my daughter this school year I managed to find a few cool ideas that can help. My daughter is a very smart kid and most of all she’s a good student and the teachers can’t stress it enough but there is always something we can improve on, is it not? So because I wanted this year to be better than the last I started out by asking my daughter what she thinks she can improve on and how does she think she can make this year better than the last. Well friends she laid out her list and told me how she will love to do better in math and raise her voice a little louder so people can hear her better. See friends my daughter is very soft speaking and her trait is shy so this is why she wants to raise her voice a little louder. Now I don’t know about you but this little exercise helped me a great deal because I was able to get inside my daughters thoughts to see what she was struggling with mostly in her own mind.

Good friends do you get the chance to ask your children what their struggles are? I hope so because this is so important to the strength of their school year that is why I wanted to write a blog post about this very topic. Here are a few Ideas I thought will be helpful to you and myself as well.
Setting goals to start out the year for us is not yet to be determined but I have a good sense that we’re moving in the right direction. Here’s how we started out this process
2 Kinds of goals
Goals – School year goals
Goals – fun goals
How am I going to reach my goals?

I had my daughter write 2 sets of goals as you can see above this paragraph. School year goals, Fun goals and How to reach my goals. You see friends all the goals setting was essential because for the first goal to work she had to have a second goal and the second goal plays a huge role in her reaching her first and foremost important goal (doing better in math and speaking louder in class) I believe her second goal is just as important because although she’s fighting to do better the incentive is going to help her fight for it and she knows if she don’t do better her chances of receiving her second goal will be in void.

Some other cool things I found this year to help children do better this school year are.

A bookcase:

First thing first- Set your child up to win with a bookcase full of books and table for homework so he/she can be prepared to do more reading and homework.
A good book for parents:

Check out this cool book about what great teachers do differently so you can see if your child’s teacher passes the grade on teaching your child. Check out this article here

Now my daughter is 10 years of age so this won’t work for her but this helpful those of you who have children in the age group 4-7 check this out here

Nothing like back to school boot-camp:

Does your child have difficulties getting organized? If you live in the Buffalo NY or WNY area this boot-camp can be for your child -Lucid Pathways is excited to announce Back to School BOOT CAMP. Call 888-478-1113 or email  for more information!!

How to protect our children:

Now parents this is huge if you have a child that has been bullied or is bullied or doing the bulling this article shows us how to take the necessary steps to stop it. Check out this article here for more info

Friend thanks for stopping by and reading this post about back to school. I know this is not about decorating or design but I thought this blog could handle a post like this because after all it is about life and family right? So overall what you think!

Do you think these tips are valuable for families?
What are some of the things you’re doing this year to make it better for your child?
Please let me know in your comment below!!!

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