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Well here I go again Crushing on a color and what color am I crushing on now? That's right the color green but not any green dark vibrant green. Check out these beautiful green interior rooms decors.
 I have to express my feelings about this room. When I first saw this room I knew that I was crushing hard on green. I absolutely love this room check out the green window coverings and that lovely green chair I am in love with this crush!!!

The tufted green sofa is just amazing  I love the color green the sofa is wearing!! This is what I was talking about when I said vibrant green. I just love it
The green in this sofa is more like a olive color and I think its beautiful with the beautiful blue and white pillows with the white chair and blue and white pillow this fits right in with my color crush blue and green

WOW!!! is this a burst of the color green!!!!  This room is amazing, one will think this is to much green but as you can see the interior designer knew what he/she were doing when this room was planed. The color is balanced so nicely with just enough of blue in the rug which helps this color work. I am truly crushing on this room. Oh by the way I love the wooden sofa the craftsmanship on it is nothing less than amazing

How cute I know a teenster will love this beautiful room

Now what can I say about this green bath!!! This is a work of art. The designer wasn't afraid to use all the green on the walls and the floors because he/she knew that it will balance once the white was added with the tub and vanity very nice.
What a relaxing space to sit and read a book but how about them green window coverings along with the green wall. What a crush!!!

Lovely room with the different tones of green stripes. Beautiful!!!

Let’s bring the outside in with this beautiful burst of green forest wallpaper. This room had me crushing all day long. This is very striking!!!

Check it out, Check it out Check it out now!!! Let me clear my throat!!! Is this room gorgeous or what? Normally when you think of flowers on window coverings I'm sure you think of grandma's house but not in this room these flowers are seeing a new day in the living room. I guess what goes around comes back around. Love it
I'm crushed in a good way!!! I love this green in this room 

Check out this sun-porch bringing the outside in with the green walls and the hints of green on the accessories and the green throw.

Thanks for crushing on the color green with me If you like this crush please comment but if you don't feel the color I'm crushing on  please comment anyway and let me know what's your color crush at the moment!!!

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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