4 "Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays" Michael Jackson House!!!

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Time to get your Real Estate Snitch on!!!
Check out the The Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson was staying when he suffered cardiac arrest and later died on June 25, 2009,this house was on the market for a grand total of $28,995,000. A cold 10 million dollar drop from what it was previously on the market for in 2009. Michael Jackson was renting the house or should I say Mansion for a whopping $100,000 dollars per month. With all the amenities this home has to offer this home was well suited for a King – (The King of Pop)
The gated French Chateau-style estate, completed in 2002, has seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms in 17,171 square feet for your basic living needs,. The features of the home includes 12 fireplaces a theater room, wine cellar and a gym ,spa facilities and can’t forget the seven car garage, amazing guest house with a landscaped pool and maids quarters. This house is nothing short of a marvelous!!! I hope you enjoy this week Real estate snitch.
  Fit for a King
Now this home is nothing short of amazing this is what you call curb appeal or should I say home appeal Wow love this !!!

“Is this a foyer or what” Can’t you see the King of Pop doing the moonwalk all down the halls? There’s room to have a concert in that foyer.  
The grand estate was designed by award-winning architect Richard Landry and completed in 2002. 

After doing the moonwalk all down the halls envision the King of Pop taking a trip up them beautiful curving stairs!! Wow what a stairway to sanctuary.

Living Room
What a huge accomplishment in design and scale, check out the craftsmanship that’s in the living room and all the warmth and sophistication!! This is what you call first class elegance
Living Room

Dining Room
Wow!!! Visualize having a dinner party in this dining room and now that the King of Pop lived there can you picture what you will talk about around the dining table. Wow looks at that molding isn’t it just classic?


I just love the L-Shapes vanity how sophisticated  and glam is that. Take a look at the door leading to the balcony with the chase-longed  isn't that relaxing?

Home Theater
What an Amazing theater this is I means its like waiting for a concert to start the tables that are on top of the stage is ingenious check out all the  impeccable craftsmanship of charm and elegance in a world-class setting.

Wine Cellar and Tasting Area

The Grand Office
This office is nothing less then grand, when the ceiling is as beautiful as the whole house how could this room be nothing less than great. I will love to work in this home office.

The home is surrounded by lush, mature landscaping Set on approximately 1.26 acres a heated swimming pool lies between the main house and the guesthouse. If I was a guest in this house I will never want to leave.

An elegant  scene to the guesthouse with stained glass doors that leads to the pool and gardens.

  Real Estate Snitch-Wednesdays 

Please let me know what you think about the snitch!! Was this a good swipe or should I've left it for the next guy? 

Update on the sale of Michael Jackson's home at the Holmbly Hills Estates: Report says Micheal's long time friend Christian Audigier will purchase the house and leave it as it was before Michael Jackson died  where it will  serve as a memorial for his loyal fans.


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Anonymous said...

Not interested even if I could afford it Shinay. Understand what you are saying. The Homeboy Hills mansion where Michael Jackson was staying when "he suffered cardiac arrest and later died" on June 25, 2009, $100,000 dollars per month? And people are thinking Michael was broke. Cardiac arrest for a weird person means haunted house Ok? That's right his corps was moonwalking down that same spiral staircase he few up to get his supply of Propofol.

Thanks for the tour, you make an interesting guide.


Key Interiors said...

Wow!!! Not even my great tour guiding couldn’t sale you on this mansion; hmmm you make a hard sale. Chris I must agree that Michael wasn't broke that's what he wanted people to think. But you have to admit that he was living in moonwalk haven in that beautiful mansion!!!

Anonymous said...

well first of all Michael was not a wired person he was normal just everybody else i would love to live i that house but it would hurt me to much to live were michael lived and died:( so therefore get over it

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Hi Anonymous, I see that Michael Jackson was indeed important to you and I see your emotions on this but I have to agree with you as nice as the house is it may be to hard for a fan to live in the place he died but yes this is indeed a beautiful home. Please come visit my blog again and comment under your real name so that I can address you by the appropriate name but nonetheless thanks for your emotions and comment.

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