3 Renovation Crash- Stone, paint and roofing

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Good morning my dear friends, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a renovation crash to the blog but I think it’s been worth the wait because this renovation has come so far and it’s looking amazing and I think you’re going to love what has been going on thus far. This house is being designed for room to room harmony. Well let’s just say I’m singing the praises of this amazing renovation.  Let’s check out just how good the stone, paint and roofing are looking.

Big day today. Framing inspection passed. Roofing going on. Sewer line being installed. Phew...

Shingles on, sewer and water lines in. Copper roofing going up...

 Roof done, exterior painting almost done, grading done, Sheetrock done. Still lots to do...But how nice is the copper roof? I'm so loving that roof...
Gutters and downspouts installed.

Gutters and downspouts installed.

It's looking like a lots of labor and love is going into this renovation. The stone and paint is looking good. 

Well my friends I hope you enjoyed this renovation crash. Did you like the look of the stone and what about the color Eric chose for the exterior paint oh and I can’t forget about the copper roof what do you think about that? Let me know in your comments below... Next up is landscaping!
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Chelsea Welsh said...

Roof done, exterior painting almost done, grading done, sheetrock done, gutters and downspouts installed – the house is shaping up well! This is definitely the progress every owner wants to see for their house. There's still a lot of work to do, but I hope everything will flow smoothly.

Chelsea @ Gutter Helmet®

Charles Terry said...

That renovation project is definitely going on quite nicely. I also love that copper roof with the combination of the color of that siding. It gives the entire house that classic cottage kind of feel without losing the touch of modernity and sophistication. Good job!

Charles Terry

Meghan Bowers said...

That’s a huge renovation project! But I think it paid off, since the end result turned out great! The colors Eric chose are all nice, and simply complemented to the overall look of your home. Cheers!

Meghan Bowers @ Gutter Dome

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