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Hey friends it’s time again for Renovation Crash the 904 Williamson Project. Last week we left off with the weather holding up long enough to dig the footers and pouring the foundation and Eric keeping his fingers crossed on the inspection. Well my friends it looks like Eric has the permission to move forward because framing the addition is well on its way. Hey let’s check it out and see how it’s coming along.

This is the structure of the floor system for the first floor of the addition. This floor will be the kitchen, breakfast and family rooms and above will be two bedrooms and baths. Below will be the garage, which is why that big beam is in there--so he (Eric) wouldn't need a supporting column in the middle of the garage. And in case anyone is interested, the floor joists are 12" apart (as opposed to the normal 16"). You could walk an elephant on that floor. I need some elephants please (walking test) because after a few house parties we want to make sure that it will be able to hold hundreds of people. :)

First floor finished :)

Second floor and roof system almost done. Next the fun stuff (stair tower, dormers, front porch, etc.)...

The framing continues. A couple more days and it will be done!

Framing almost done :)
Framing basically finished
Remember what the plan look like?

Hey, it's starting to look a lot the house on the elevation pic above and a whole lot like a house. I can’t wait to see the flooring all I can say is Wow! What a transformation!!  I’m sure the neighbors on the block had no idea what they were in for but I’m sure there super excited. 

I’m sorry for all the rambling on but I’m so excited about all the progress this renovation crash is making. How about you are you excited that Eric’s vision is coming to light? Let me know in your comments below! But stay tuned to what is next up, siding, trim, windows and doors.

Shinay Key
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