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Hello beautiful friends today were looking up. So often when we decorate a room and painting walls we often forget that there is another wall to consider we just don't pay too much attention to it but today my friends is the day we say no to leaving out the other wall in the room and this other wall I speak of is the ceiling. Most people do not give a second thought about the ceilings of the house while doing the decorating. I must admit I'm guilty of it myself so there is no one person who can really judge not even me but I'm just here to remind you to Look Up: There is Another Wall and if you take it into consideration it just may give you a much better looking room.  My friends here are few rooms that the designer didn't forget the other wall. Check out these cool ceilings.

Ceiling Embellishments 
I love this ceiling. Wow!
Don't be afraid to look to your floor for for ceiling inspirations you can put wood flooring on the ceiling as decorative touches.
Check out them beams

Painted Ceilings 

For the most part people prefer a white ceiling and a lot of decorators as well because it’s not scary and there are some nice fun whites out there that put emphasis on architecture or decor without being distracted by that painted ceiling but there are times when highlighting architecture such as crown molding it can help if the ceiling was painted because it will bring out the molding and the real charm of the room.
Some don’t realize that if only the ceiling had not been left white then the space would feel much taller and more finished sometimes the white in the room can be the greatest uninterrupted space in the room.

I love how the painted ceiling brings the attention to the crown molding.

I love how the paint on this ceiling makes the room appear larger because there is no interruption in the paint from the walls to the ceiling although there is white crown molding imagine if ceiling was white it would be the biggest interruption in the room
This time the attention is drawn to the ceiling with the decorative stripes but again I love it because it brings interest to the room in its entirety.

Thanks friends I hope you enjoyed looking up and I hope next time you decorate a room you won't forget the fifth wall the (ceiling).

Please let me know what you think in your comment below

Shinay Key

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Sadie Ussery said...

I love the black room! I always wanted a black paint in my room...but my mom never let me! :( Now my husband doesn't like it. Maybe I should show him that picture! :) Love the first one too!

Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for painted ceilings. One of the first things that we did when we moved in was paint the ceiling in our living room. I LOVE that room with the chandelier and teal/beige chairs....GORGE!!! Thanks for encouraging people to view things and hopefully begin to decorate in a different way...Im sure they won't regret it! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@Sadie Ussery
Thanks for your comment Sadie I must say I love the black room as well and you should show your husband I think he will change his mind...

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy for your comment its always nice to know this blog is inspiring others...

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