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Hello my dear friends! I hope that you are enjoying the remainder of 2012 season and all of the good feelings that it brings despite some bad things this year has bring we have to count the blessing this year has giving us as well so friend instead of focusing on the bad I will like to focus on the good things and fun things we were able to experience this year. Now in case you haven’t notice this post is about 2012 house beautiful Kitchen of the year and I must say so myself my friends this kitchen is indeed gorgeous. House beautiful has once again raised the bar for kitchens of the year. I know I know the kitchen of the year has been out since July and it’s been all over the blog world for quite sometimes but I started a tradition. I'll show it as the year is going out and moving on to the next year as a result I hope you enjoy this moving on to 2013 beauty of a kitchen as I did so without further ado here is the House Beautiful Kitchen of the year.

Friends I hope you enjoyed every part of this kitchen as I did as we all know Kitchens are the room where families spend the most time together and this kitchen has all the things any family can ask for right from the beautiful island down to the induction gas cook-top that any chef wouldn’t mind cooking “I just love this 2012 Kitchen of the year” and I can’t forget the lovely courtyard isn’t it beautiful? Well friend if you would like more details on this kitchen House Beautiful can fill you in.
I wish you a beautiful and happy time of year and a wonderful 2013. I’ll see you soon
Shinay Key
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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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