1 Renovation Crash update- 904 Williamson Project

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Hello friends how are you today?  It's that time again that's right its time for renovation crash and we have an update on the Willamson project. Our friend Eric Cumming the homeowner is keeping us well informed on his rehab and it's looking like a lot of hard work but we know if this renovation looks anything like Eric's vision, boy I'm telling you we're going to have a real beauty on our hands so friend without further ado lets check out what's going on at the Williamson project.

You remember this right! This is what Eric started with and what his final plans should look like when it’s all said and done. What a vision right?

Remember this! This is the photo that shows where Eric got his inspiration from for his new renovation. Can’t you see the resemblance wow thanks for inspirations?
This is the fireplace and I can only assume this is where all the bricks came tumbling down and before you know it
If you take it from Eric the house is spitting out bricks!!!
Let's get to work!! What a fireplace and the bricks are now gone I hope he keeps some of the fireplace But nonetheless, lets make a mess the drywall is coming down and long gone the bricks..
Much cleaner! Down to the bare bones, this is what it looks like when the drywall comes down.
All the drywall down!! Yay

This is how you clear the dust
Knock first, watch your step because there is a trap waiting for you if you don't!
Here is Eric digging the hole at the front entry! Good work Eric I love your guts.......

Friends as you can see this renovation is on its way so make certain to come back for the contentious updates of 904 Williamson renovation crash, thanks for stopping by to see how this crash is taking shape until next time.  Check out part 1 if missed it..

Renovation Crash- 904 Williamson Project part1

Shinay Key
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Anonymous said...

I have been on Facebook so sporadically lately, that I keep missing your posts. I am so sorry friend. You know I like to be on it when you post. Anywho, very cool stuff going on with The Williamson Project. I can't WAIT to see the end result. Now...only if I can get someone to come here and renovate my home lol! -Kristy

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