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Hi dear friends today I'm feeling a kind of way a bit moody! Yup you guessed it. I will like to share a mood-board I did. Now bare with me it’s a little bit crazy in I indicate the style is a bit wacky but so am I at times but just what are mood boards? Well they tell a story a story about what kind of mood you’re in rather it’s a color scheme or a feel you may be feeling.

I love mood boards because they allow you to put yourself in a place that is not built yet. It’s like dating before getting married with mood boards you can date the room before you buy it. Better yet you have the chance to see what that room looks like before you actually buy all the furniture in it.  Now a lot of what I do is what you call e-design an e-design is a bit different than a mood-board because I show you just what your actual room looks like in 3d form before you actually go shopping to purchase furniture and then I break it down for you into a mood board. Now friends how cool is it to know what your room will look like before you purchase a single thing? Wouldn’t it be fun knowing your making the right choice for your room before you make a decision on a sofa or chair that can be costly? Knowing what size sofa will fit in your room will keep you for making a costly mistake
Now Friends all these reason makes a good case for e-design but more important an e-design can cost much less than hiring an onsite Interior designer and guest what the deign can be just as good if accurate notes and measurements are taken from the e-designer beaus cause in some respect you help with doing some of the leg work the designer has to do when coming out to your home so in that what’s make e-design less costly. But enough chitchat let’s check out my wacky design mood while this isn’t an actual room I will be showing you in the weeks to come some real room e-designs I’ve done recently so here is my wacky mood board.
This is what I call my wacky mood board. Now check out how this mood board comes to life in e-design below.

This is the reason I call this room Wacky mood board but it was fin tho bring these colors together and watch it go from an mood board to a room in 3d form. 

Friend’s thank you for checking out this Wacky mood board make sure to come back next time to see an actual room designed to scale  by me in e-design form and then you can see how your real room can look in actual room shape and your real room measurements.
Please let me know what you think in your comments below!

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Sadie Ussery said...

Oh I love that you are in a Wacky mood! :) Love those seriously need to help me with my house!

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

@Sadie UsseryThanks Ms Sadie let me know when you are ready I'm here.

Anonymous said...

Get Wacky all the time...I LOVE THIS! You are the master of color. I love everything about this room. You know I was eyeing that bucket to put a Newborn in lol! Love you girl! -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

OK now Kristy I can truly see one of your baby photos in that basket. That will be all kinds of cool...Love you too girl.

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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