3 Yellow Kitchen Ideas

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Hello friends, summer is fast approaching and this is the time of year when the appreciation for light, bold and beaming colors take over and for me I never mind because it’s the best time of the year at least that’s how it is for my family. So why am I talking about summertime when this is a kitchen post? Well because I have the sudden tendency to look at kitchen in the bold since lately. In my last kitchen post I talked about the bold color orange and I wanted to know if you would use such a color in your kitchen so why not stay on row, how about yellow kitchens would you ever paint your kitchen cabinets yellow or perhaps buy kitchen cabinets that are yellow?  What about yellow walls?
Well I must admit I have a kitchen with yellow walls but that is as far as I went with the yellow in my kitchen in fact when people come over to my house they never say ooh I love your yellow walls but yet I always get a nice compliment like I love your kitchen and most don’t recognize the yellow walls because of the other things we have going on in the kitchen.
Friends I put together some pretty fantastic yellow kitchen for you to admire and you will notice that some are very yellow and others are subtle and just have hints of the color yellow as accessories and I must warn you there are over 60 yellow photos of beautiful yellow kitchens so without further ado check out these out of this world yellow kitchens.

Wow that is a lot of yellow!!!  This is enough to keep you going for the rest of the summer but no what did you think? Do you think you will ever decorate your kitchen in yellow? Let me know in your comments below
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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love color! Thanks for showing everyone how it can be done boldly or even moderately. -Kristy

Key Interiors by Shinay said...

Thanks Kristy, you know you have a real supporter when you can go through all those photos and still leave a comment. Thanks again for your support.

Anonymous said...

@Key Interiors by Shinay Anytime! Love you girl...and love your work!

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Featured: Design Magazine of The Month
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